Is Malo a Samoan?

Is Malo a Samoan?

This is a colloquial greeting. While ‘talofa’ is ‘hello’, ‘malo’ is ‘hi’ or ‘g’day’. The response to this is ‘malo lava’. Some more Samoan ‘M-words’ below…

How do you say Beautiful in Samoan language?

The spelling of the word in Samoan is “biutiful” pronounced: bee-you-tea-full. Read on to see how to use the word for different meaning. Tell a woman she’s beautiful in Samoan: “Biutiful la lelei (pronounced: bee-you-tea-full la-lay-lay).” You’ll make a Samoan woman blush.

Is there a way to translate Samoan to English?

Samoan to English translation service by ImTranslator will assist you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases and texts from Samoan to English and other languages.

How is beauty a part of Samoan culture?

Similar to Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages, the Samoan people are full of life and their language is no different. Beauty is a large part of the Samoan culture.

What’s the Samoan name for ” Living Color “?

Lanuola [lah noo OH lah] – This is only a portion of a couple of longer title names, but taken out of context, its literal translation is ‘living color’ (lanu = color, ola = life). I love that. It’s similar to the name our other friend Malakosi suggested: Lanu’ese’ese, which is also pretty cool.

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