Is Ridgeway a good grandfather clock?

Is Ridgeway a good grandfather clock?

The Ridgeway grandfather clocks today are built with the same high quality parts and machinery that Howard Miller had been using for years. Today the Ridgeway clock has reached the same level of high quality as the Howard Miller grandfather clocks have been accustom for many years.

How do you disassemble a grandfather clock?

3. Disassemble Your Grandfather Clock

  1. Remove the Glass Panels. If your clock’s glass panels are removable, it’s best to pack them separately.
  2. Protect Any Cables or Chains.
  3. Remove and Label the Clock Weights.
  4. Remove the Pendulum.
  5. Protect the Chime Rods.
  6. Remove the Glass Shelves and Decorative Parts.

What is the proper way to move a grandfather clock?

For extra protection, we suggest taking a large moving box with both the top and bottom ends open; then sliding it from the top of the Grandfather Clock to its middle. This should protect the Grandfather Clock on all four sides. If you prefer, you can pack the clock inside of a moving crate instead.

How is the best way to move a grandfather clock?

Here are the 10 steps you will need to take to disassemble your grandfather clock for moving: Step 1. Use your hand and stop gently the clock pendulum from swinging. Step 2. Make sure the chains or cables of your longcase clock don’t get tangled and twisted up during the actual haul. This is how you should do it:

How does the pendulum work on a Ridgeway clock?

A. Reaching in through the front door of the clock, place your hand on either side of the pendulum disc. B. Move the pendulum to the left or right side of the cabinet and release. Let the clock run a few minutes until the pendulum settles into an even swinging motion, all movements used in RIDGEWAY CLOCKShave a self adjusting beat feature.

Is the weight of a grandfather clock interchangeable?

The weights of a grandfather clock are not interchangeable. Sometimes it’s the small things that will enable you to move a grandfather clock in the best possible way. Most grandfather clocks have 3 weights and to make things more complicated than you’d like, those weights are not interchangeable because each one weighs differently.

Is the Ridgeway clock a Tick Tock Clock?

RIDGEWAY CLOCKShave a self adjusting beat feature. In order to activate this feature you have to “overswing” the pendulum as described above. This allows the escapement to “self adjust” into an even “Tick-Tock” beat.

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