Is the Harley Deuce a good bike?

Is the Harley Deuce a good bike?

If so, the Deuce could be the best factory cruiser ever built. It’s not a bike that I’d want for a long ride, and it’s a bit unsteady in corners. But the FXSTD still moves you. It provides respectable short-haul transportation, thanks to the smoother, more powerful engine, and it is a great ego vehicle.

What size is a Sportster front wheel?

Bike/Wheel Fitment

Touring Front Wheel
Sportster SuperLow XL 883L 120/70-18
Sportster SuperLow 1200T XL 1200T 120/70-18
Sportster 1200 Custom XL 1200C 130/90-16
Sportster Iron, Nightster XL883N/1200N 100/90-19

What makes a Harley Deuce different?

What makes the Deuce different than a custom bike? From the description, the Deuce certainly sounds like a customized motorcycle. While it does feature many of the elements that would qualify it for this category, the difference is that it is a production bike that leans as much towards function as it does aesthetics.

Will Dyna wheels fit a Sportster?

so that means that wheels from sportsters and dynas from 03 down are interchangeable.

What size motor is in a 2004 Harley Deuce?

Air cooled, 1449cc, 45° V-twin, OHV

Engine and transmission Switch unit
Engine type: 2 cylinders, 4-stroke, 45° V-twin
Displacement: 1449 cc (88.53 cubic inches)
Bore × stroke: 3.75 inch × 4 inch (undersquare – longstroke)
Cooling system: Air cooled

Why did Harley discontinue the deuce?

As much as I like the Deuce, the only reason HD discontinued it would be that they didn’t sell enough of them. For those of us that own one it makes the bike a bit unique. You don’t see 10 of them lined up along the curb any where.

What size are breakout wheels?

Big is the name of the game for the new Breakout® model, and they don’t come bigger than this massive 18-inch, 240mm rear tire….Harley Davidson Softail Breakout.

Make Model Harley Davidson FXSB Softail Breakout
Front Wheel Travel 143 mm / 5.6 in

What model is a Harley Deuce?

With the addition of the Twin Cam 96B engine, 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), the Deuce brings more performance to its stylized look….

Make Model Harley Davidson FXSTD Softail Deuce
Wet Weight 309 kg / 682 lbs
Fuel Capacity 18 5 Litres / 4.9 US gal

How much does a Harley Davidson Deuce weigh?

Harley-Davidson FXSTDI Softail Deuce Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Curb Weight (including fluids) 309.6 kg (682.6 pounds)
Dry Weight 292.7 kg (645.3 pounds)
Front Percentage of Weight
Rear Percentage of Weight

What motor is in a Softail Deuce?

Make Model Harley Davidson FXSTD/I Softail Deuce
Engine Four stroke, 45° V-Twin, Twin Cam 88® vibration isolation-mounted Valves Pushrod-operated overhead valves; w/ hydraulic self-adjusting lifters; two valves per cylinder
Capacity 1449 cc / 88.4 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 95.3 x 101.6 mm
Cooling System Air cooled

What year did Harley Davidson stop making the deuce?

Jan 2004: Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce replaced by FXSTDI Softail Deuce with EFI as standard. Aug 2005: Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce discontinued.

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