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Is Torrevieja a nice place to live?

Is Torrevieja a nice place to live?

Torrevieja is a great city for all-year-round living, and because of that, there are a variety of homes which offer something extra special, such as private pools and rooftop solariums. This 3 bed villa benefits from a huge 800m2 plot with a lovely private pool, and a large balcony ideal for al fresco dining.

Is Torrevieja popular?

SUMMARY. Torrevieja is exceptionally popular with tourists all year round and has a large population of full-time residents from a variety of cultural nationalities – this means that the shops, bars, and restaurants are full of life no matter if it is summer or winter.

Does Torrevieja have Old Town?

Torrevieja means ‘old tower’ and the town dates from the early 18th century when it was a fishing village built around a watchtower. Torrevieja is surrounded by two salt lakes, which produce around 700,000 tons of salt each year which is exported around the world.

Is Torrevieja safe?

Crime rates in Torrevieja, Spain

Level of crime 31.03 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 39.70 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen 31.03 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 34.15 Low
Worries car stolen 25.81 Low

Is there a train station in Torrevieja?

Sorry no railway running along the coast, the only way on public transport is the airport bus to Torrevieja bus station .

Where should I live in Torrevieja?

Top 5 Places to Live in Torrevieja according to age group and family requirements

  • Aguas Nuevas.
  • La Mata / Cabo Cervera / Torre del Moro.
  • Los Balcones.
  • Torreta Florida.

Is Torrevieja a town or a city?

Torrevieja (Valencian: Torrevella) is a seaside city and municipality located on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, in the southern part of the Valencian Community, on the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain.

What is there to do in Torrevieja in winter?

A Winter Guide to Torrevieja

  • Explore the Cycle Routes of Torrevieja.
  • Golf and Spa at La Finca.
  • Party on the Beach on Christmas Day.
  • Enjoy Chocolate & Churros at New Year.
  • Celebrate the Coming of the Three Kings.
  • Join Torrevieja’s Carnival.
  • Watch Local Live Music.
  • Learn Salsa on the Beach.

Is Torrevieja Lively?

A lively international community The total population of the city of Torrevieja, of which 55 percent is a melting pot of nationalities, has an average of 100,000 inhabitants throughout the year, although, of course, its population quadruples in summer.

Is Torrevieja open all year round?

With generous fairways and spectacular greens, it’s perfect for golf enthusiasts whatever their handicap, and with the warm Torrevieja climate, you really can play all year round.

Is Torrevieja poor?

ACCORDING to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Torrevieja is the poorest city in Spain. Indeed, the immensely popular Costa Blanca resort has the lowest per capita average income of any city. However, among Torrevieja’s Spanish population, poverty is indeed a serious issue.

Where do you fly to for Torrevieja?

What is the nearest airport to Torrevieja? The nearest airport to Torrevieja is Alicante (ALC) Airport which is 36 km away. Other nearby airports include Corvera (RMU) (45.2 km) and Valencia (VLC) (169.3 km).

What was the population of Torrevieja in 2012?

Torrevieja lies about 50 kilometres south of the city of Alicante and had a population of 105,000 (2012). Torrevieja was originally a salt-mining and fishing village as it is located between the sea and two large salt lakes (Las Salinas), which give Torrevieja healthy microclimate.

Is there a public hospital in Torrevieja Spain?

Torrevieja is fast maturing and its new state hospital and Las Habaneras, a vast shopping centre were two of the last pieces in the jigsaw from becoming a town to a fully-fledged city. Torrevieja also has a major private hospital so now residents will now have the choice of private or public healthcare “on the doorstep”.

What to see and do in Torrevieja, Spain?

There is the nativity museum, the Sea and Salt museum, the new Natural History Museum, the Ricardo Lafuente Aguado museum ( Torrevieja’s most prolific writer of Habaneras songs) and also the excellent Semana Santa (Holy Week) museum

Which is the main road between Cartagena and Torrevieja?

Torrevieja’s main road link is the N-332 road linking Cartagena with Valencia hugging the Mediterranean coastline. There was once a branch line from the Alicante– Murcia railway serving Torrevieja; which closed in the late 1970s. There are plans to reopen this line.

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