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What are employment opportunities for automotive technician?

What are employment opportunities for automotive technician?

The Automotive Technician graduate can avail of various employment opportunities for job placement. He/She may start as engine overhauler, troubleshooter, machinist and equipment operator, power train serviceman, automotive instructor, power plant mechanic, heavy equipment mechanic or service station manager.

How do you find a technician?

10 Ways to Find and Attract the Best Technicians

  1. Keep Your Pipeline Full. Lateiner can describe the No.
  2. Target Your Job Ads.
  3. Keep a Clean Shop.
  4. Update Your Equipment.
  5. Update Your Website.
  6. Offer Tool-Purchasing Plans.
  7. Pay for Training.
  8. Have a Competitive Pay Plan.

How do I find mechanics looking for work?

How To Hire A Mechanic – Finding Techs

  1. Job Boards. The easiest and first step should be posting a job ad on a job board.
  2. Referrals. Every mechanic knows other mechanics.
  3. Networking. This is the least favorite for most but can be helpful.
  4. Trade School.
  5. Use a Recruiting Firm.

How do I find a good auto mechanic?

Top 5 Ways to Hire the Ideal Automotive Technician

  1. Make your shop a place technicians want to be. It’s not all about the money.
  2. Provide technicians with fair pay.
  3. Reconsider your shop’s pay plan.
  4. Get out of the shop and network.
  5. Provide the latest equipment.

Is an automotive service technician a decent job?

Being an automotive Technician is a great career option if you are passionate about automobiles, love working practically, and have a knack for problem-solving. Automotive technician jobs can offer a decent salary, work diversity, and job satisfaction.

What car company pays technicians the most?

Denny Menholt Chevrolet
Which Companies Pay Automotive Technicians The Most?

Rank Company Average Automotive Technician Salary
1 1.Denny Menholt Chevrolet $56,747
2 2.Arlington Toyota $55,689
3 3.SpaceX $55,643

Is an automotive service technician a mechanic?

The words “technician” and “mechanic” are often used interchangeably in the auto industry. It is commonly believed that auto technicians focus more on the electrical side of things, while mechanics primarily do more hands-on work and conduct routine services like oil and brake-pad changes.

Is there an app to find a mechanic?

Breakdown Lane is an app designed to help you whether you want to repair your vehicle yourself or locate the best mechanic in any area of the country.

Which is the best site to search for auto jobs?

Welcome to We offer qualified auto technicians and employers the largest and best auto technician and auto job search capabilities on the Internet. It’s fast, it’s easy – and it works. is the Internet’s largest source auto jobs.

What kind of job can you get in the automotive industry?

If you are considering a career involving cars, it is helpful to understand the responsibilities of various roles. Jobs in the automotive industry span many career segments, including maintenance, repair, design, development, sales and customer service.

What are the qualifications for an automotive sales job?

Ability to Achieve / Exceed Sales Goals and Customer Satisfaction Standards. You must have a good DMV and back ground. Qualified candidates will be placed initially in our Automotive Sales Training Bootcamp which will equip you to master the art of automotive sales.

How to find an auto repair shop you can trust?

Ask family and friends for recommendations, and visit to locate nearby AAA Approved Auto Repair Facilities. While a full-service repair shop is preferred, it is not the only option; there are four basic types of shops to choose from: Dealerships – Dealer service departments are very familiar with the makes of cars they sell.

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