What are the 4 main Hawaiian gods?

What are the 4 main Hawaiian gods?

the four gods (ka hā) – Kū, Kāne, Lono, and Kanaloa.

What is a Kinolau?

Kinolau translates literally as many bodies. Kinolau refers to when any plant, animal, or force of nature, such as rain, flowing lava flowing and air or ocean currents are an embodiment of a particular god or goddess.

What does Kanaloa mean?

In the traditions of ancient Hawaiʻi, Kanaloa is a god symbolized by the squid or by the octopus, and is typically associated with Kāne. It is also an alternative name for the island of Kahoʻolawe. Kanaloa is also traditionally depicted as an ocean god, hence his association with seamanship, or cephalopods.

What are Hawaiian gods called?

The four main gods (akua) are Ku, Kane, Lono and Kanaloa. Then there are many lesser gods (kupua), each associated with certain professions.

Is Kona a god?

Kona was a local island god of evil who was believed to cause misfortune to those who disrupted his resting place. His tiki resembled a tiny man in a seated position with no clothes and a head-dress on a large head.

What is an Aumakua in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian mythology, an ʻaumakua (/ʔaʊmɑːˈkuə/; often spelled aumakua, plural, ‘aumākua) is a personal or family god that originated as a deified ancestor, and which takes on physical forms such as spirit vehicles. Some families had many ʻaumākua. Mary Kawena Pukui’s family had at least fifty known ʻaumākua.

What is Lono the god of?

Fertility, rainfall, agriculture and music god, one of four gods in Hawaiian mythology along with Kanaloa, Kāne (twin brothers) and Kū-ka-ili-moku (Ku). Lono was also the god of peace.

What do you call good food in Hawaii?

Grinds – This word also refers to good food and you might see it spelled like grindz . I consulted with my Hawaii friend, Nathan Kam, who gave me this example and context of how grinds might be used: “Hey Sheila, that chicken katsu was grinds, yeah?”

What does the word ono mean in Hawaiian?

‘Ono – The word ‘ono with the okina means delicious in the Hawaiian language. ‘Ono is not to be confused with ono without the okina which refers to type of fish from Hawaii that’s also known as a mackerel and wahoo.

Who are the gods and goddesses of Hawaiian mythology?

1 Na-maka-o-Kaha’i (Goddess of Water and the Sea) 2 Poli’ahu (Goddess of Snow) 3 Lilinoe (Goddess of Mist) 4 Laka (Goddess of Beauty, Love, Fertility)

Who is the god of peace in Hawaiian mythology?

A foil to Ku, the god of war, Lono is the god of peace, music, learning and cultivated foods. Along with brothers Kane and Ku, he helped create humanity by supplying fertile soil from which people were created.

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