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What are the colors of pool balls?

What are the colors of pool balls?

The majority of the balls are red, and there is a small selection of colored balls and the cue ball. Generally, Snooker uses 15 red balls, alongside 6 colored balls. These colored balls can vary, but they are typically yellow, blue, pink, green, brown, and black. The cue ball, as always, is white.

How many colors are there on a pool table?

The six colours (a term referring to all balls except the white and the reds) are placed on their own spots.

What are the numbers and colors of pool balls?

Balls that are numbered one through eight are one solid color, except for a small circle with the number in it.

  • The one ball is yellow;
  • two is blue;
  • three is red;
  • four is purple;
  • five is orange;
  • six is green;
  • seven is burgundy;
  • and the eight ball, as most people know, is black.

Why are pool balls different colors?

Sets for American snooker are typically 21⁄8 in (54.0 mm), with numbered colour balls. The set of eight colours used for snooker balls (including white) are thought to be derived from croquet, which uses the same set of colors. Snooker was invented in 1884 by British Army officers stationed in India.

What order do pool balls go in?

Sit the triangle rack on the table and place the balls numbered 1 through 9 within the triangle. Position the balls in random order split among five rows so that the balls form a diamond; the first and fifth row will have one ball, the second and fourth rows will have two balls and the third row has three balls.

What is the best Colour for a pool table?

Blue, green, and red are typical pool table felt colors, but don’t be afraid to branch out. If you don’t want to go too wild, stick to neutral tones. Remember that whatever chalk you use will show up less if it is the same color as the felt. If you have a preference for blue chalk, stick to blue felt.

What is the standard color for the one ball in billiards?


1 solid yellow
13 orange stripe
14 green stripe
15 maroon stripe
cue ball , white or off-white (sometimes with one or more spots)

What Colour is the number 9-ball in pool?

The cue ball , which is usually a solid shade of white (but may be spotted in some tournaments), is struck to hit the other balls on the table. The remaining balls are numbered 1 through 9, each a distinct color, with the 9-ball being striped yellow and white.

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