What are the different needs that should be considered in the curriculum?

What are the different needs that should be considered in the curriculum?

The needs of learners should be considered within the contexts of: their current physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. the classroom and school environment. the special nature of their communities.

How should change in the curriculum be taken?

Eight Steps to Curricular Change

  1. Analyze current teaching practices and learning goals.
  2. Re-examine the links between goals and course design.
  3. Reconsider the role of assessment in the course.
  4. Develop teaching strategies and approach.
  5. Explore Curricular Questions.
  6. Gather Data.
  7. Brainstorm the Ideal Major.

What are the factors for curriculum change?

Two emotion-arousing issues which are part of that debate are these: humanism for all versus humanism for some; and the cognitive man versus the mentally-healthy man. Humanism for all versus humanism for some.

What are the social issues needs and demands that should be considered in curriculum?

so, students and teachers should be careful towards these social issues….Parents and teachers can cooperate on plans for reducing social issues in schools.

  • Classroom racism.
  • Ethnic issues.
  • Unequal opportunity.
  • Economy.
  • Cultural issues.
  • Ethical issues.
  • Gender issues.
  • Substance abuse.

How does curriculum content reflect changes in society?

The curriculum content is of social relevance when the learning experiences are related to the disciplines (subjects) taught in schools. When learners are educated on this aspect they tend to be change in behavior in human beings; therefore, the curriculum should bring about change in behavior, attitude and value.

Why do we need to adapt to curriculum change?

Curriculum adaptation is an important form of professional development that promotes buy-in, builds understanding of key features of learning and teaching, and improves student learning. Target lessons for deep enhancement where students can make sense of phenomena, data, or ideas.

Why do we need to change the curriculum from the time?

Curriculum needs to change because everything changes. The classroom is not a bubble. In fact, it is the best place to reflect on and learn from what is going on in the world. And how much more prepared will our students be to enter into a world that they have already seen in action and learned about!

What is curriculum change model?

Curriculum change is dictated by the changes in the economic, social and technological aspects of a society. Change has magnitude and direction and occurs within a definite time frame.

What do you mean by curriculum changes?

Curriculum revision or curriculum change means making the curriculum different in some way, to give it a new position or direction. This often means alteration to its philosophy by way of its aims and objectives, reviewing the content included, revising its methods, and re-thinking its evaluator procedures.

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