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What are the disadvantages and advantages of television?

What are the disadvantages and advantages of television?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of watching television:

  • Pro: Free entertainment.
  • Pro: Social surrogacy.
  • Pro: Educational channels.
  • Pro: Family bonding.
  • Con: Television can make you lazy.
  • Con: Violence & illicit content.
  • Con: Consumerism.
  • Con: Health Hazards.

What are the disadvantages of television advertising?

List of the Disadvantages of Television Advertising

  • There is no guarantee that the advertising will be viewed.
  • People can become numb to brand messages.
  • There are limited community influences to consider.
  • Television advertising isn’t cheap.
  • The costs of television go beyond the air time.

What are the disadvantages of print media?

Demerits of Print Media:

  • Not for a global audience.
  • Requires multiple exposures.
  • Requires a lot of planning.
  • Competition for attention is fierce.
  • Hard to target a specific audience.
  • Higher cost.
  • Requires longer lead times.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using television as an advertising medium?

It increases viewers’ exposure to ads through heavy repetition. What is a disadvantage of using television advertising? It is expensive in terms of buying airtime.

What is the main disadvantage of TV when it comes to giving audiences in depth reporting?

Watching television in excess can affect our health that is it affects our eyes, makes lazy like couch potatoes etc. Television also makes a lot of sounds which affect our minds. Many TV shows are not suitable for innocent children.

What are the advantages of watching television?

Advantages of Watching TV. The benefits of watching TV are as follows: By watching news on television, you will be able to keep yourself updated with the current affairs. Television is still one of the best sources where you can buy entertainment at an affordable price. Many channels feature educational programs.

What are the positives of the television?

In this busy,expensive life,television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment.

  • By watching international news,we are kept informed and up-to-date with breaking news around the world.
  • Some shows and channels (like PBS and Discovery) offer educational programs that can increase our knowledge and make us more aware of the world around us.
  • What is the advantage of using TV?

    Television is one of the fastest means to access information from different parts of the world.

  • Our children can learn moral lessons in a fun way by watching special episodes meant for children.
  • The television shows,music,video-songs,live matches,etc.
  • We can learn to make our favorite dishes by watching cooking episodes.
  • What is the advantage of television over radio?

    Some advantages of Television (TV) over radio are: Television can be considered one of the most engaging medium over other major media. Televion is far more effective in conveying advertiser’s message than radio Better retention of information and brand awareness due to visual capabilities of television.

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