What are the good things done by the British to India?

What are the good things done by the British to India?

So let’s take a look at 7 Good Things The British Did For India And Indians!

  • English language. The reason they taught English to the Indians was to have an ease of administration.
  • Indian Railways.
  • Army.
  • Vaccination.
  • Social reforms.
  • India census.
  • Surveying India.

What advantages did the Indian rulers get from the English?

Answer: The British, for their benefits of transportation of Raw materials from their place of origin to the ports, to transport their imported good to be marketed in India, to move their men and materials, they established a wide network or roadways and railways.

Where there any positive contributions made by British in India?

Yes, there were various positive contributions made by the British in India. Contributions such as introduction of railways, introduction of commercialization of agriculture, development of infrastructure and introduction of free trade.

Why were the British successful in India?

The reasons which led to the success of British in India: The British had superior weaponry and military tactics and professional training. They were excellent administrators and negotiators. When the British did not want to fight the war, they bribed the officials or initiated policies to annex kingdoms.

What were two positive effects of the British rule in India?

Positive Impact: Some positive impact of the British rule in India were the introduction of the railways, post and telegraph system for masses, introduction of Western sceinces and the English language. However, it is to be noted that the British intorduced railways for its own benifits.

What was one positive result of the British Raj rule in India?

What was one positive result of the British raj’s rule in India? India had a developed infrastructure, including railroads and communications.

What are 2 positive effects of British rule in India?

The British improved the Indian economy and helped Indians get out of poverty. The British helped empower women by banning certain unfair practices. hon invoduced parliamentary democracy and railways in India.

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