What are the rules of DaMath?

What are the rules of DaMath?

A ‘dama’ chip can slide diagonally forward or backward in any unoccupied square as long as no opponent’s chip blocks its path. It could take a chip or chips whereby its corresponding sum, difference, product or quotient is doubled. Similarly, if an ordinary chip takes an opponents ‘dama’ chip , its score is doubled.

What is DaMath board?

Damath is a two-player educational board game combining the board game “DieMath” and math. It is used as a teaching tool for both elementary and high school mathematics. Every piece has a corresponding number and each even (white) square on board has a mathematical symbol.

How do you play DaMath step by step?

How to play damath

  1. The in-game toss coin decides the player that makes the first move.
  2. A player is not allowed to make a pass, and two players take turns in moving a piece.
  3. The game’s duration can either be endless or timed, but each player has 60 seconds to execute a move.

How is DaMath scored?

  1. The points are earned depending on the corresponding sum, difference, product or quotient, and the numbers on the chips.
  2. The game ends either after the 20-minute game period or when a player has no more chips to move or when an opponent’s chip is cornered.

How can we reduce Dama?

Considering the importance of DAMA, it is recommended that practical measures such as creating an appropriate environment for patients and noting their requirements, providing consulting services for youth, improving staff relations, providing assistance for patients in need, and also mitigating the accommodation …

What are the rules of the game of Damath?

THE RULES OF DAMATH. Set the starting position of the chips. Toss a coin to determine which player will have the first ‘move’. Moving a chip means sliding it diagonally in the forward direction only except when taking an opponent’s chip or if a ‘dama’ chip takes an opponent’s chip.

What are the four basic operations of Damath?

On the white squares are the four basic Mathematical operations–addition, subtraction, multiplication and division . DAMATH GAME ORIGINAL RULES IN PLAYING DAMATH-

Which is the best way to promote Damath?

Promote awareness of girls in mathematics (as king is to the game of chess, so dama (for lady) is to damath Promote mathematical consciousness among family members in particular and the community in general through mathematics club‟s community outreach damath competitions Enhance wholesome interpersonal relations among players DAMATH GAME

When do you reach the Dama stage in chess?

The “dama stage” is reached when a player gets his piece to the last row of the board. The chips can only move diagonally along the intersection of lines or squares in chessboards Chips cannot eat or capture backwards. Chips that have reached the “dama stage” can move from row to row diagonally.

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