What are two certification requirements for fuel jettison system?

What are two certification requirements for fuel jettison system?

For type certification, fuel jettisoning must be demonstrated at maximum weight with flaps and landing gear up and in a power-off glide at a speed 1.4 VS. It must also be demonstrated during climb with the critical engine inoperative and the remaining engines at maximum continuous power.

When can the fuel jettison system be operated?

Therefore, Boeing’s general recommendation is to jettison fuel above 5,000 to 6,000 feet whenever possible, although there is no restriction on jettisoning at lower altitudes if considered necessary by the flight crew.

What is the purpose of fuel jettison system?

Fuel dumping (or a fuel jettison) is a procedure used by aircraft in certain emergency situations before a return to the airport shortly after takeoff, or before landing short of the intended destination (emergency landing) to reduce the aircraft’s weight.

How does jettison work?

Jettison eliminates the hassle of manually ejecting external disks before you put your MacBook to sleep. With Jettison, just close your MacBook, unplug and go! It ejects external disks when your Mac goes to sleep, then remounts any disks that are still connected when your Mac wakes back up.

What is the function and design requirement of fuel jettison system?

FUEL JETTISON SYSTEMS It must be operable under the conditions encountered during all operations of the aircraft. Design requirements are that fuel jettisoning must be stopped with a minimum of fuel for 45 minutes of cruise at maximum continuous power for reciprocating engines.

What is fuel jettison limit weight 787?

Max take off weight and max landing weight This will include the planned takeoff weight and also the weight at which the aircraft is expected to be on arrival at the destination. On takeoff, a fully-laden 787-9 Dreamliner can weigh anything up to 254 tonnes. This is known as the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW).

Which procedure must be followed when defueling aircraft with Sweptback wings?

What is the procedure that must be followed when defueling aircraft sweptback wings? defuel the outboard wing tanks first. provides a means to maintain a balanced fuel load condition.

What does jettison cargo mean?

marine. Act of throwing cargo or equipment (jetsam) overboard in order to lighten the vessel or improve its stability in case of emergency.

What is the function and construction of fuel feed system?

The main purpose of the fuel feed system is to control the fuel supply to the engine. To supply the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine cylinders, manufacturers use the following methods in case of a petrol engine.

For what reason is a fuel jettison system usually divided into two separate independent systems?

The fuel jettisoning system is usually divided into two separate, independent systems, one for each wing, so that lateral stability can be maintained by jettisoning fuel from the “heavy” wing if it is necessary to do so.

Do planes jettison fuel before landing?

Usually, airplanes won’t dump fuel in mid-air or when taking off or landing; they only do so immediately before they land the plane.

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