What countries did Juan Ponce de Leon travel to?

What countries did Juan Ponce de Leon travel to?

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who traveled around Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida. He is credited with establishing a European settlement in Puerto Rico, being the first European to reach Florida, giving the land its name.

How long was Juan Ponce de Leon’s voyage?

For six weeks he skirted the coastline southward past Cape Canaveral, Palm Beach, and Biscayne Bay to the Keys and Tortugas. He then coasted up the west side of the peninsula as far as the modern city of Naples before turning back to Puerto Rico, where he arrived on September 21, 1513.

What happened on Ponce de Leon’s voyage?

In pursuit of a rumored fountain of youth located on an island known as Bimini, Ponce de León led an expedition to the coast of what is now Florida in 1513. Thinking it was the island he sought, he sailed back to colonize the region in 1521, but was fatally wounded in a Native American attack soon after his arrival.

How did Ponce de León die and where?

Ponce de León was shot with a poisonous arrow and brought to Cuba, where he died. “People came back to Spain and reported he was killed,” MacDougald said. “As a result, they named that place the Bay of Juan Ponce.”

What were Juan Ponce de Leon’s voyages?

Juan Ponce de León was a Spanish conquistador and explorer, best remembered for settling the island of Puerto Rico and for directing the first major explorations of Florida. He made two trips to Florida: one in 1513 and the second in 1521. It was on this latter expedition that he was wounded by natives and died shortly thereafter.

What was Juan Ponce de Leon’s ship?

In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon set sail with three ships (Santa Maria, Santiago, and San Cristobal) and a crew of approximately 200. They reached Florida in April, naming the new land ‘Pascua de Florida”, which means “feast of flowers”.

Who was Ponce de Leon’s sponsor?

Juan Ponce de Leon was sponsored by Spain to go to Florida. The people that sponsored him was Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand . He was an explorer that went with Christoper Columbus. He was also a conquistador.

What were Juan Ponce de Leon’s accomplishments?

Juan Ponce de Leon is a famous explorer, who had many great accomplishments. One of Juan Ponce de Leon’s greatest accomplishments was the discovery of Florida. Although discovering Florida was probably one of his biggest accomplishment, Juan Ponce de Leon had many more accomplishments and noteworthy discoveries.

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