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What county council is Balbriggan in?

What county council is Balbriggan in?

Fingal County Council
Balbriggan | Fingal County Council.

What number Dublin is Balbriggan?

General Information

Location Located in the centre of Balbriggan and is just 2 minutes walk from a harbour and beaches.
Station Address Station Road Balbriggan Co. Dublin
Contact Number (01) 828 1360 or (01) 8366 222 / 0818 366222 Calling from outside Republic of Ireland +353 (0)1 836 6222
Credit Cards Facilities Yes

Why is Fingal a county?

Suburban villages with extensive housing include Baldoyle, Castleknock, Howth (and Sutton), Lusk, Portmarnock, Skerries. Small rural settlements exist in the northern and western parts of the county. The motto of the arms of Fingal reads Irish: Flúirse Talaimh is Mara meaning “Abundance of Land and Water”.

How many black people are in Balbriggan?

Theme 2: Migration, Ethnicity, Religion and Foreign Languages

Ethnic or Cultural Background Persons
Black or Black Irish 2,371
Asian or Asian Irish 610
Other 555
Not stated 670

What local authority is Finglas?

Finglas Area Office | Dublin City Council.

Is Balbriggan in Northern Ireland?

Balbriggan (/bælˈbrɪɡən/; Irish: Baile Brigín) is a coastal town in Fingal, in the northern part of County Dublin, Ireland, approximately 34 km from Dublin City.

What does Balbriggan mean in Irish?

Definition of ‘balbriggan’ 1. a knitted unbleached cotton fabric. 2. ( often plural) underwear made of this.

How is Balbriggan area?

Balbriggan is a beach town first and foremost. Its sandy beach stretches from the fishing harbour at one end to the Martello tower at the other, and is kept impressively clean by the local Tidy Towns group. Great walks in all seasons.

What county council is Finglas in?

Dublin City Council
The North West Area is one of five administrative areas used by Dublin City Council to co-ordinate the delivery of services in the city. This area includes Finglas, Ballymun.

Is Fingal a real county?

Fingal, Irish Fhine Gall, county in the province of Leinster, eastern Ireland. The county of Fingal was created in 1994 when the geographic county of Dublin was split administratively into three separate units. Fingal now constitutes the northern component of the Greater Dublin metropolitan area.

Is Balbriggan a bad area?

Balbriggan definitely isn’t all bad though – there are decent shopping facilities on the outskirts (that people from some surrounding areas mentioned above would drive to), but the town itself is a bit of a pain layout-wise and annoying to drive through.

What is Balbriggan famous for?

Balbriggan was a well-known hosiery cloth manufacturer. A fine cotton fabric suitable for men’s underwear was named after the city. The city prospered as a result of the manufacture of the fabric.

Where is Balbriggan in Fingal County, Ireland?

Balbriggan (/bælˈbrɪɡən/; Irish: Baile Brigín) is a town in the northern part of Fingal, Ireland.

Where is the best place to visit in Balbriggan?

Balbriggan is a seaside town on the Belfast-Dublin corridor. Walking trails and rail links nearby allow travellers to arrive quickly and begin exploring immediately. Balbriggan Beach is a local landmark and a favourite recreation spot for generations of Dubliners.

Where did the town of Balbriggan get its name?

The town’s name could be derived from the word brecan, as the area was part of a Medieval kingdom known as Brega, populated by a tribe or clan known as the Bregii, and the aforementioned River Bracken.

Where is the train station in Balbriggan Ireland?

Balbriggan is 32 km north of Dublin city, in the northern part of the traditional County Dublin. It lies on the Belfast –Dublin main line of the Irish rail network. Commuter rail services serve Balbriggan railway station, which opened on 25 May 1844 and closed for goods traffic on 2 December 1974.

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