What did Aycliffe men do to bear?

What did Aycliffe men do to bear?

When he finds Aycliffe, Crispin pins him to the ground and puts the dagger to his neck, but instead of killing him, makes him vow under oath that he (Crispin) and Bear will be able to leave Great Wexly unharmed never to return in exchange for Crispin’s cross of lead.

Who did Asta’s son see in the woods?

Crispin (Asta’s Son) saw something he shouldn’t have in the woods. He got in a fight subsequently after seeing Aycliffe, and as a result he hid in the woods, only to return to find his house being torn down. The steward, John Aycliffe, accuses Crispin of theft, saying he stole from the Manor House.

Why does bear cut crispins hair and ask him to wash his face?

Why does Bear cut Crispins hair and and ask him to wash his face, then look at his reflection? So Crispin can see what he really looks like and so nobody will reconize him as well.

What happened to Bear when he was 12 years old Crispin?

When he was twelve, Bear’s father paid his fees at a Benedictine abbey so that Bear could train to be a monk. Bear confides to Crispin that his father might have become ‘weary’ of the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Who is Asta’s son helping the priest to bury?

With the help of a kind old priest, Father Quinel, who tells him his true name is Crispin, Asta’s son—um, Crispin—gets out of Dodge (er, Stromford).

Did Asta’s son break into manor house and steal money?

Unlock And the steward says it was madness over his mother’s death that caused the boy to break into the manor house and steal his money.

How has the relationship between Bear and Crispin changed?

Crispin is so religious that he would not violate the oath and risk going to hell. Bear needed a helper to play the music so he could sing and dance. He also wanted someone to carry his bags. His goal is to make Crispin smile and learn some skills so he can become a free man rather than a peasant obliged to a nobleman.

Why does bear teach Crispin to play the recorder?

Why does Bear teach Crispin how to play the recorder? So Bear could juggle and dance while Crispin plays the recorder so they can make money.

What does Crispin learn about Lord Furnival from Bear?

Bear says that Furnival took hostages, and those who could not be ransomed were doomed. He was an arrogant man to boot, and what he lacked in fighting skills he more than made up for in bragging, drinking, and killing.

Who killed John Aycliffe?

Bear kills John in a fight and Crispin rejects his noble blood by throwing his cross of lead on John Aycliffe’s dead body. They leave the city as free men. Crispin knows his name Crispin with all his heart, but this name and his companion will bring him into great danger again.

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