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What did Grace Wexler like about Sunset Towers?

What did Grace Wexler like about Sunset Towers?

What did Grace Wexler like about Sunset towers? it was nice, classy, and exclusive.

What does Angela Wexler do?

Later in the novel, Turtle tells Julian Eastman that Angela is an orthopedic surgeon, so she does graduate from medical school.

Why would Angela bomb her own shower in the Westing Game?

Angela was so desperate to escape marrying Denton Deere that she set the bombs herself. She couldn’t just talk to her mother and tell her that she wanted to go back to college rather than become a young bride. This was her dysfunctional way of derailing her mother’s plans. Source: Raskin, Ellen.

Why doesn’t Mr Hoo attend the reading of the will?

Why did Madame Hoo not attend the reading of the Will? She wasn’t told and she didn’t speak English. What did each of the pairs of heirs come to decide about the clues given to them? It would take all the clues together to solve the puzzle.

Where will the third bomb go off The Westing Game?

bridal shower
The first bomb goes off in the kitchen of the Theodorakis family’s coffee shop, the second goes off in the kitchen of Hoo’s restaurant, and the third goes off in the Wexlers’ apartment during Angela’s bridal shower. It’s eventually revealed that Angela herself is the one who set these off.

Why did Angela do the bombings in the Westing Game?

Angela has engineered the bombings in various attempts to disfigure herself—she wants those around her to see past her beauty and appreciate the person she is, but she feels that this is impossible without drastic measures.

Who are the youngest tenants in Sunset Towers?

There is little sense of community in Sunset Towers, but it is cordial. The youngest tenants – Doug Hoo, Theo Theodorakis, and Turtle Wexler – all discuss the mysterious happenings at the Westing Mansion with the 62-year-old delivery boy, Otis Amber, and the stocky doorman, Sandy McSouthers.

Who was Angela Wexler married to in the Westing Game?

Angela Wexler is a perfect daughter who does everything she is told. She is a blond haired, angel that is going to get married to Denton Deere, a doctor. Angela always tries to be kind to everybody. Her partner in the Westing Games is Sydelle Pulaski.

What was the third bomb in the Westing Game?

Grace orders Angela to read every card out loud. After opening a mysterious present from “Cookie Barfspringer” and two asparagus cookers, she opens a present that turns out to be the third bomb. As the police investigate, the paranoia of the tenants grows.

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