What does a flamingo taste like?

What does a flamingo taste like?

Some people describe the taste as gamey, like venison. It can also be served with a sauce to cover the gamier flavor and taste more sweet or salty. The taste of flamingo is quite similar to duck or goose, but it has a light salty flavor.

Do people eat flamingos tongue?

They were definitely considered a luxury in ancient Roman cuisine. But for some reason, no one seems to eats flamingos any more. Their tongues are large, having a large knob of fat at the root, which is an excellent bit: a dish of flamingo’s tongues being fit for a prince’s table.”

Is it possible to eat the meat of a flamingo?

In theory, you can eat a flamingo, and their meat is edible. In ancient Rome, these animals were food for the wealthy. It’s highly unlikely that regular people would eat flamingos and other exotic birds. Emperors and wealthy merchants that wanted to show their status and wealth would often organize fancy feasts with exotic animals.

Why did the ancient Romans eat the Flamingo?

And because flamingos have lean muscles built for flying distances, they’d taste more gamey—more like duck than chicken. Ancient Romans, the first on record as having dined on the birds, ate both the body and the tongue.

What kind of food does a baby Flamingo eat?

Baby flamingos feed on bright red ‘crop milk’ produced by either of their parents for the first few weeks of their life. Their diet depends completely on their parents until they become capable of feeding themselves. The crop milk is produced by parents in their upper digestive tract and then regurgitated to their young ones.

How often do flamingos have to drink water?

Besides, in order to evade their head immersed in water, they continue to feed with their bills overturned. The food is so infinitesimal for them that they have to drink as a minimum of 4 gallons of water every day. It takes a lot of hours for flamingos to eat and so requires a great deal of patience for the person feeding them

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