What does AE mean on dishwasher?

What does AE mean on dishwasher?

The AE or E1 error code indicates a possible leak from the unit. This message is usually the result of an overflow, caused by either the unit not being level or the wrong type or amount of detergent.

How do you fix error code AE on LG dishwasher?

Error AE: description A small float element is activated when there is water in the sump and sends a signal to the control board. But it happens that the AE error code is associated with a short-term failure. To reset it, unplug the dishwasher for at least 10-15 minutes and turn it back on.

What does AE means in LG washing machine?

The AE error is indicative that there is a leak somewhere in the washer and it has triggered the flood protection device found at the bottom of the machine.

What does nE mean on LG dishwasher?

The LG Dishwasher Error Code nE indicates a faulty relay on the dishwasher control panel, which may have failed due to a broken or burnt wiring harness. When you’re encountering this error code, the first thing to do is to check the wiring harness between the Vario motor and the control panel.

What does nE mean on a LG dishwasher?

What does AE mean on a Samsung washing machine?

Signal communication
What does the error code means and how to fix it?

New Code Old Code Cause
AE 13E Signal communication error between Main PCB and Sub PCB
bE Motor issue
bE1 12E Power button issue
B2/bE2 14E Control button issue

How do I clear the error code on my LG washer?

How to reset the washing machine:

  1. Press POWER to turn the washer off.
  2. Unplug the washer from the power outlet or turn the circuit breaker to the unit off.
  3. With the power disabled, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds.
  4. Plug the washer back in, or turn the circuit breaker back on.

How do you fix Fe error on LG washer?

FE Error Code This is usually the result of faulty water valve. To fix this: Close both water taps. In order to drain out any trapped water, power the washer back on, and press the spin speed button until no spin is selected, and press the START/PAUSE button.

Why is my LG dishwasher blinking?

Common solutions for: LG Dishwasher lights flashing or blinking. The heating element heats up the water to operating temperature. If the water doesn’t reach the proper temperature after a set amount of time, a light on the control panel might start flashing. If the heating element does not have continuity, replace it.

Why is my LG dishwasher flashing CL?

The CL code in the LG dishwasher is not an error at all. This code indicates that a user has activated child protection mode. The code will always light up on the display or appear when you press any buttons. In new models of LG dishwashers, the door is locked for the time of washing.

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