What does aguaje mean in English?

What does aguaje mean in English?

watering place
Aguaje is a Spanish word with several meanings related to water. When used for its meaning as a watering place, aguaje is a geographic locale which can be a spring, a stream, arroyo or other natural water feature or a well that reliably provides water for people and their livestock.

What is perdoname mean?

It means forgive me. Perdonar= to forgive Perdoname is the command form meaning “forgive me”.

How to spell perdoname?

I beg your forgiveness. ¡Qué mala onda, perdóname! Jeez, forgive me!

What does Marquesita mean in English?

marquesitas is a diminutive of marquesa. mar·que·sa Feminine – Noun – Singular Diminutives: marquesilla, marquesillas, marquesita, marquesitas. Aumentatives: marquesona, marquesonas, marquesota, marquesotas. Translate “marquesa” to English: marquise, wife of the marquis, marchioness.

Is aguaje safe to take?

Aguaje is perfectly fine all by itself, as a single ingredient superfood, and the best presentation to consider is a vegan capsule, Aguaje Pill, or Aguaje Capsule.

Does aguaje increase breast size?

Rich in phytoestrogens also known as phytohormones, Aguaje helps to boost the production of estrogen in the body. It can help you achieve the desired and ideal figure by supplying required hormones in abundance. Specifically, it is used to increase the butt size and breast size in females.

How do you take aguaje?

Ingredients: Aguaje fruit pulp powder (Mauritia flexuosa), Hypromellose (Vegan capsule). Directions: How to take Aguaje capsules? The suggested dose is 2 capsules of aguaje per day! Tip: Take aguaje pills along with workout sessions for better results.

What does the Spanish word Laguna mean in English?

Spanish, pond, lagoon; from the lagoon near the site of the tribe’s pueblo.

What are the benefits of aguaje?

Health benefits The aguaje has a high vitamin A-content (beta-carotene), even higher than carrot and spinach. It has antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory functions, as well as helping eye health and maintaining healthy skin.

Is aguaje same as Maca?

Aguaje is a fruit native to the Amazon, originating in the basins of the Huallaga, Marañón and Ucayali rivers. Scientific name: Aguaje (Mauritia Flexuosa) and Red Maca (Lepidium Meyenii).

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