What does Aunt Sally want to do for Huck?

What does Aunt Sally want to do for Huck?

Although Huck has come to like Sally and Silas, he knows they are still a part of the society he has come to distrust and fear. Aunt Sally’s intentions for Huck center around the upbringing that society thinks every boy should have: religion, clean clothes, education, and an indoctrination in right and wrong.

What do Tom and Huck do to confuse Aunt Sally Completely?

8. What do Huck and Tom do to confuse Aunt Sally about her silverware? They add and remove the spoons alternately to confuse the count.

How do Tom and Huck get around the problem of Huck’s mistaken identity?

How do Huck and Tom Sawyer get around the problem of Hucks mistaken identity? the King and Duke get tarred and feathered because the townspeople realize that they are scammers. Huck is surprised because he thought that Tom would look down on Huck for wanting to help a slave be free.

Who does Huck pretend to be?

Huck Finn has to pretend to be Tom Sawyer because he realizes that the family that is holding Jim is none other than the family of Tom Sawyer. Because he wants to maintain easy access to Jim so he can free him, he takes on Tom’s identity so that he’ll be welcomed like family while devising his plan.

Who is Sally in Huck Finn?

auntsally. Aunt Sally, one of the leading mother figures in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is Tom Sawyer’s gullible and lovable aunt. Aunt Sally, one of the few mother figures who is actually married, and her husband Silas live down the river from Hannible at Phelps.

What does Tom do to Aunt Sally that really upsets her in Chapter 33?

During dinner he gets up and kisses Aunt Sally who is very upset by this. Tom acts surprised and says everyone said she would want him to.

Who confuses Huck Tom?

Analysis: Chapters 32–35 It is not surprising that Tom’s willingness to help free Jim confuses Huck, for Tom has always concerned himself with conforming to social expectations and preserving his own reputation. Freeing Jim would seem to be objectionable on both counts.

Who gets shot in Huck Finn?

“We was all as glad as we could be,” Huck says of their narrow escape, “but Tom was the gladdest of all, because he had a bullet in the calf of his leg” (340).

Who is Aunt Sally in the adventures of Huckberry?

The woman who welcomes Huck is called Aunt Sally . She takes Huck inside where she questions him about his trip, such that Huck… (full context) …he could accidentally blow Huck’s cover, so Huck decides to meet him.

Why did Sally not let Huck out to find Tom?

Sally refuses to let Huck out to find Tom (who she still thinks is Sid), since she is so sad to have lost Sid and does not want to risk another boy. Huck, touched by her concern, vows never to hurt her again. Tom does not return, and Silas’s efforts to find him end in vain.

Who are Sally and Silas in the adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Silas and Sally Phelps are Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle. Sally Phelps is the sister of Tom Sawyer’s dead mother and Aunt Polly, Tom’s guardian.

Who is Sally Phelps husband in Huckleberry Finn?

Silas Phelps is Sally’s husband. They are farmers living on a small cotton plantation downriver. They are compassionate and kind but are also slaveholders. Huck meets them when he goes to their plantation where the captured Jim is being held. Aunt Sally mistakes him for her nephew Tom Sawyer and takes him in.

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