What does Odongo mean?

What does Odongo mean?

Meaning of Odongo: Name Odongo in the Kenyan, African origin, means Second of twins.. Name Odongo is of Kenyan, African origin and is a Boy name.

What are common Kenyan names?

Most Common Last Names In Kenya

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Otieno 547,628
2 Mohamed 496,642
3 Mwangi 479,601
4 Odhiambo 351,165

What does Kip mean in Kenyan surnames?

Typically, a child is given a name at birth that relates to the circumstances of the birth. A boy’s name usually starts with the prefix Kip, a girls with Che or Chep. When a boy is circumcised and initiated into adulthood at about age 15, he takes his surname, which is commonly the father’s first name, minus the Kip.

What does the name Hawi mean?

Hawi is a Muslim Boy Name. Hawi name meaning is God’s Sanitary Name. The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of Hawi name is 7.

What does Kiplagat mean?

son born at dawn
Kiplagat (also Kiplangat) is a personal name used by the Kalenjin people in Kenya and Uganda, meaning son born at dawn.

What is the meaning of kiplimo?

son of
Kiplimo is a name of Kenyan origin that stems from the name Limo and the prefix Kip-, meaning “son of”. It may refer to: Kiplimo Kimutai (born 1981), Kenyan half marathon runner. Abraham Kiplimo (born 1989), Ugandan Olympic long-distance runner.

Do Africans have family names?

If you go to some African countries where Europeans settled, such as Ghana and Nigeria, you may find such surnames as Ferguson and Johnson. But Africans did not have such names before the Europeans arrived. They had their own naming system that reflected the numerous languages they spoke.

What African name means queen?

Malika: One you’ve likely heard, this popular African girl name belongs to a Kardashian BFF and, meaning “queen,” it would be a very worthy choice for your little girl.

What does the name Odongo mean in Africa?

A user from Hong Kong says the name Odongo is of African origin and means “Talkative / smaller of twins”. Search for more names by meaning. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Odongo to us below

What does the name Odhiambo mean in Luo?

Odhiambo – [pronounced as OH-thee-ahm-boh] which refers to someone birthed late in the evening. Okello – [pronounced as OH-keh-loh] this means someone born after twins. Ojwang – [pronounced as OH-Jwahn-g’] it refers to someone who survived despite being neglected.

What does the last name Okelo mean in Luo?

Okelo – [pronounced as OH-key-loh] which refers to someone born after twins or third born of triplets. Luo last name meaning is valued so much because it identifies an individual with a particular family. Luo names are also easy to pronounce, and they do sound incredible.

What does the name Onyango in Luo mean?

Onyango – [pronounced as OHn-yahn-goh]it means someone born in the morning before noon. Opiyo – [pronounced as OH-pee-oh] it refers to the firstborn of the twins. Okech – [pronounced as OH-key-ch] it refers to someone birthed during a famine. Okelo – [pronounced as OH-key-loh] which refers to someone born after twins or third born of triplets.

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