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What does the expression when push comes to shove mean?

What does the expression when push comes to shove mean?

or if push comes to shove. when a situation reaches a critical point and you must make a decision on how to progress. They knew they could sit back, and when push came to shove I’d do all the work. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

Where did the phrase push comes to shove come from?

This term comes from rugby, where, after an infraction of rules, forwards from each team face off and push against one another until one player can kick the ball to a teammate and resume the game. Its figurative use dates from the 1950s.

How do you use push comes to shove in a sentence?

He is not a particularly talented builder, but when push comes to shove, he can usually get the job done.

Who said when push comes to shove?

A prominent African-American newspaper, the Chicago Defender, printed the expression in 1924 (“what Uncle Sam can do if push comes to shove”), and in a 1948 piece by the poet Langston Hughes: “Civilizations, like clocks, have a way of running down—only to be replaced by new versions.

What is the origin of when the rubber meets the road?

The Origin Of ‘When The Rubber Hits The Road’ rubber! Yes, this phrase seems to be referencing the rubber wheels of a vehicle hitting, or making contact, with the road. Of note, John Boyd Dunlop is considered to be the first person to invent the rubber wheel in 1888.

What is the saying if worse comes to worst?

The traditional phrase, which has been around since 1600, is “if the worst come to the worst.” It means “if the worst that can possibly happen does happen.”

What does when all is said and done mean?

Definition of when all is said and done : after considering or doing everything —used for a final general statement or judgment It won’t be easy, but when all is said and done, we’ll be glad we did it. The candidates claim to have different views but, when all is said and done, they’re very much alike.

What is the saying when the rubber hits the road?

Meaning: Where the rubber meets the road is the most important point for something, the moment of truth. An athlete can train all day, but the race is where the rubber meets the road and they’ll know how good they really are.

What does like it or lump it mean in slang?

informal. : to accept or allow something unpleasant or unwanted —usually used in the phrase like it or lump it Like it or lump it, the new law goes into effect today.

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