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What does YTV mean?

What does YTV mean?

YTV is a Canadian English language specialty channel that launched on September 1, 1988. The channel and its programming is targeted at children and young teenagers; its name was originally thought to be an abbreviation for “Youth Television”, though the channel’s website has denied this.

What do the letters in TV stand for?

TV is an abbreviation for `television’. I prefer going to the cinema to watching TV.

What does G stand for on TV?

TV-G: General Audience. Intended for all ages. Contains little or no violence, no strong language and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.

What’s DVR stand for?

Digital Video Recorder
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, whereas NVR stands for Network Video Recorder.

Is there a YTV app?

The apps will be available at no additional charge to subscribers of YTV and Nickelodeon services in Canada on iOS and Android devices. These apps give kids and families access to live YTV and Nickelodeon network streams along with an extensive offering of their favourite on-demand episodes.

How old is TVG?

TV-Y7 : Themes and elements in this program may include mild fantasy violence or comedic violence, or may frighten children under the age of 7. Therefore, parents may wish to consider the suitability of this program for their very young children….TVPG.

Min Recommend Age: 7
Min Allowed Age (Unsupervised): N.A.

What shows are TV-y?

US-TV-Y (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • The Polar Express (2004) G | 100 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (1999– )
  • The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (2022– )
  • Bewitched (1964–1972)
  • Bluey (2018– )
  • Batman (1966–1968)
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994–1998)
  • The Cosby Show (1984–1992)

Is there a YTV channel in Canada?

YTV operates two time shifted feeds, running on both Eastern and Pacific Time Zone schedules, and is available in over 11.0 million households in Canada as of 2013. The channel was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in 1987.

Who is the parent company of YTV TV?

In partnership with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and YTV, the company produced two television series: Today’s Parent TV ( YTV) and Spilled Milk (CBC). Keynote speaker: building an empire.

Is there an app for the YTV app?

YTV GO was a TV Everywhere mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It was available at no extra charge to all subscribed customers of Access Communications, Bell Satellite TV, Cogeco, Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct, Telus, and VMedia.

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