What does ZL and ZR stand for Arctic Cat?

What does ZL and ZR stand for Arctic Cat?

ZL = Trail Performance. ZL turned into the Saber Cat. ZR is now the F Series. And go back a little older. EXT= Trail Performance (Twin and Triple)

What is the Arctic Cat F series?

The F-Series features the Slide-Action rear suspension and the famous, seventh-generation AWS front suspension. According to Arctic Cat engineers, the Slide-Action system maintains full front-arm travel even under full acceleration.

What does ext mean Arctic Cat?

An EXT designation means the engine mods were done by the engine manufacturer to Arctic Cat specifications. To further muddle up the issue of model ID is the fact that, racers being racers no matter what time it was, quite often MOD motors were stuck in trick chassis with EXT parts and visa versa.

What is the boss cat legacy?

The Boss Cat Legacy. The Boss Cat II was built by Arctic Enterprises for speed runs. It had a chevy 327 punched out to 375 cubic inches. Roller rockers and cam , Hilbourne injected , supercharged and running on alcohol.

What was the first year for Arctic Cat El Tigre?

The original 1984 model year Arctco El Tigre was based on the 1982 model that never got to production due to Cat’s bankruptcy problems. Producing what was essentially a 1982 model was a gamble, but it was Arctco’s only viable option.

When did Arctic Cat start making ATVs?

1996: Company produces the first of its all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); Arctco changes its name to Arctic Cat Inc.

Which Arctic Cat do I have?

The model number is shown by the 4th to 8th letter or digits in the VIN, which will usually be ‘ACAT’ followed by a number or another letter. ACAT obviously stands for Arctic Cat, but the manufacturer has their own undisclosed system for selecting the following number or letter to show the specific model of your ATV.

Is Arctic Cat a good brand?

Its vehicles come with many standard features for improved performance, such as power steering and independent rear suspension. Arctic Cat vehicles are also known for having all the power and quality of higher-priced rivals at a more affordable cost. One of the most popular Arctic Cat ATVs is the Alterra 300.

How do I identify my Arctic Cat snowmobile?

Go to http://www.bosscatlegacy.com/index.htm and click on “Arctic Cat Extras” then scroll down and click on “Arctic Cat Snowmobile Productions” then scroll down and click on the “year” of your sled, it’ll show model numbers, motor numbers, how many were produced and etc.

Is Arctic Cat made by Polaris?

In 1960, Edgar Heteen separated from the company and went on to found Arctic Enterprises, later known as Arctic Cat. Coincidentally, the manufacturer Textron would acquire Polaris in 1968 and later Arctic Cat in 2017. Polaris brought us the first American-made ATV.

When did the Arctic Cat ZR come out?

Arctic Cat unveiled the ‘93 440 ZR in September 1992 and the 580 ZR was released in late November 1992. The 440 and 580 liquid cooled Suzuki motors were piston-port designs with Mikuni carbs, typical for this time period. Arctic was using a Comet primary with the Arctic reverse cam secondary.

What’s the weight of the Arctic Cat ZR 6000?

While probably not the lightest of current high performance 600cc models, the ZR 6000 RR feels as nimble and easy to toss into a turn as any Ski-Doo REV or Polaris Rush. Granted, when comparing weights of the top race replica models, the Polaris 600 Rush XCR probably leads the pack at a claimed 449 pounds.

What’s the difference between a ZL and a ZR snowmobile?

The ZR’s suspension is stiffer to handle more abuse. Other then that they are the same performance wise. Suspension and graphics are basically it. The ZR will take a little more abuse do to the stiffer suspension and better shocks…The ZL is more trail-oriented.

What was the name of the 1993 Arctic Cat snowmobile?

The 1993 Arctic Cat ZR is one of those select few. It demonstrated that a properly executed A-Arm ski suspension was superior to the trailing arm design that had been a game changer in 1980 (Polaris Indy). The 2003 Ski-Doo REV is the most recent game changing snowmobile, introducing rider-forward ergonomics.

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