What happened to Corporate Express?

What happened to Corporate Express?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – U.S. office supplies company Staples Inc has won its battle to buy Corporate Express NV and extend its dominance of the world’s office products market after the Dutch firm agreed to a sweetened bid of 1.7 billion euros ($2.65 billion).

When did staples buy Corporate Express?

Established in 1993 as Staples Contract and Commercial, the division was rebranded as Staples National Advantage and Staples Business Advantage in 1995. In 2008, Staples acquired Corporate Express (previously known as Buhrmann), expanding its contract offering to a global market.

Is Corporate Express part of Staples?

With $27 billion in sales, Staples serves businesses of all sizes and consumers in 27 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. “In July 2008, Staples acquired Corporate Express, one of the world’s leading suppliers of office products to businesses and institutions.

Who owns Staples Business Advantage?

Staples Business Advantage/Parent organizations

What is StaplesLink?

StaplesLink.com is the online ordering platform for Staples Advantage accessible through BuySite. Through the Staples punch-out catalog, you are able to access the University’s special rates.

When was Office Depot founded?

October 1986
The ODP Corporation/Founded

What does on contract mean at Staples?

“On Contract” or Staples brands should always be your first choice for products. Generally, your office supply order will not be approved if your purchases include name brand products NOT on contract and/or a similar Staples brand is available.

How much is Staples Business Advantage Premium?

Staples Business Advantage has 2 levels – Select ($79 annual fee) and Premium ($299 annual fee).

Did staples acquire Office Depot?

Retail office supplies giant Staples Friday said it plans to acquire the consumer-focused business of Office Depot, including the Office Depot and OfficeMax brand names, in a $1 billion deal that would leave Office Depot completely focused on the business-to-business market.

When did Office Depot and OfficeMax merge?

On February 20, 2013, an all-stock merger between Office Depot and OfficeMax was announced. The merger was completed on November 5, creating the largest U.S. office-supplies chain.

When were Staples invented?

On February 18, 1879, George McGill received patent 212,316 for the McGill Single-Stroke Staple Press, the first commercially successful stapler. This device weighed over two and a half pounds and loaded a single 1/2 inch wide wire staple, which it could drive through several sheets of paper.

Who is the founder of Corporate Express Company?

Corporate Express was founded by Jirka Rysavy, also the founder of Gaiam, in 1986 in Boulder, Colorado. Initially a regional office products retailer with 11 employees located in one small building, the company established a program of strategic procurement solutions as an industry innovation.

When did Corporate Express start in Western Canada?

In 1991 Corporate Express Business and Charter Airline established the first corporate shuttle service in Western Canada operating between Calgary and Edmonton for the TELUS Corporation (then AGT) using the 18 passenger British Aerospace Jetstream 32.

When did Corporate Express become a Dutch company?

1998: Overly rapid expansion leads to falling profits and a sagging stock price; company launches restructuring involving the closure of 100 offices and the elimination of 1,700 jobs. 1999: Corporate Express is acquired by Buhrmann N.V. for $2.3 billion and becomes a subsidiary of the Dutch firm.

What kind of infrastructure does Corporate Express have?

Towards this, The Corporate Express had created robust infrastructure complete with dedicated offices, trained staff, world-class IT systems and well-defined processes that can cater to the modern day demands of a fast growing business enterprise’s distribution and delivery requirements.

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