What happened to Mercedes in Hollyoaks?

What happened to Mercedes in Hollyoaks?

Yes, please! Mercedes McQueen, played by Jennifer Metcalfe, has decided to sell up her pub and leave the Hollyoaks village behind. The landlady decided to hand over The Dog to evil Fergus Collins (Robert Beck) in a bid to get rid of her estranged husband Sylver’s (David Tag) debt.

Is Mercedes McQueen leaving Hollyoaks?

Of course fans were worried that we might have seen the last of Mercedes and Sylver, however the Channel 4 soap has confirmed that’s not the case. Sharing a video of their exit on Twitter, the official Hollyoaks account wrote: “Mercedes, Sylver and Bobby may have gone to Alicante, but they’ll be back soon!

Who Killed Mercedes?

Kevin Alexander Accorto
Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34, is suspected of killing Miss Mercedes Morr aka Janae Gagnier, 33, at her apartment in Richmond, Houston,Texas. He was found dead at the address on Sunday, August 29, along with the Instagram and OnlyFans star.

Does Romeo sleep with Mercedes?

Mercedes McQueen has confessed the truth about sleeping with Romeo in Hollyoaks. The last few weeks have seen Donna-Marie blackmailing Mercedes for cash with a recording of her discussing her fling with Romeo.

Is Mercedes and Sylver leaving Hollyoaks?

Is silver leaving Hollyoaks?

Slyver departed Hollyoaks last month alongside Mercedes and their son Bobby. Sylver revealed more about his return this month (October 2021) when he posted a snap of himself in a car with Jakob Chialton, who plays Bobby, looking over his shoulder. “In case anyone is wondering.

Who is the guy that killed Mercedes Morr?

Kevin Accorto
When she went upstairs, he says, she found 34-year-old Kevin Accorto from Wellington, Florida, lying by Mercedes’ bed, a knife stuck in his chest. “By the looks of the apartment, he had cut himself and bled all over the apartment for two days,” Mark says.

Does Mercedes cheat with Romeo?

Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) did the honourable thing in Hollyoaks tonight (August 24), as she came clean about having had sex with Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner).

How old is Owen Warner?

22 years (June 8, 1999)
Owen Warner/Age

Who is Cher’s online friend Jade?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow. Cher McQueen’s online friend ‘Jade’ has actually been revealed to be Bobby Costello in Hollyoaks.

Has Kirsty Leigh left Hollyoaks?

Kirsty’s character Leela has been a pinnacle of the Hollyoaks community and fans were left devastated when she made an exit last year at one of the most significant points in the County Lines storyline. The actress has been a part of the Channel 4 soap since 2013 and is about to celebrate her ninth year on the show.

Who is actress who plays Mercedes in Hollyoaks?

Certain that Mercedes killed his boyfriend, he will also be desperate to make Mercedes pay. Mercedes McQueen – played by Jennifer Metcalfe – has spent the best part of the year cheating on her husband Sylver McQueen with Liam Donovan.

Why did Mercedes threaten to kill Harry in Hollyoaks?

In the tape, Mercedes also threatened to kill Harry, who was murdered earlier this year. This makes Mercedes a prime suspect in Harry’s murder and Dianne is likely to want revenge. James has been on the warpath since his lover Harry’s death. Certain that Mercedes killed his boyfriend, he will also be desperate to make Mercedes pay.

Who was driver of Mercedes in Hollyoaks hit and run?

First up is Diane who was furious to discover that Mercedes framed her step-son Harry Thompson as the driver during Grace’s hit-and-run. The revelation came during Harry’s funeral when Grace played the recording of Mercedes confessing her crime aloud. In the tape, Mercedes also threatened to kill Harry, who was murdered earlier this year.

Who was shot in the loft in Hollyoaks?

Latest rumours and fan theories HOLLYOAKS fans have been left wondering who shot Mercedes McQueen after scenes of the brunette collapsing in the middle of The Loft’s dance floor aired. The Hollyoaks scarlet has more foes in the village but most viewers suspect Liam Donovan .

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