What happened to Uriah the Hittite?

What happened to Uriah the Hittite?

But Uriah, being a disciplined soldier, refused to visit his wife. So David murdered him by proxy by ordering all of Uriah’s comrades to abandon him in the midst of battle, so that he ended up getting killed by an opposing army. Following Uriah’s death, David took Bathsheba as his eighth wife.

Who was Bathsheba’s father?

Since 2 Samuel 11:3 notes that Eliam is the father of Bathsheba, some scholars suggest that the Ahitophel of 2 Samuel 15 may in fact be Bathsheba’s grandfather.

Where is the story of David and Bathsheba?

The story told in eleventh and twelfth chapters of 2nd Samuel, as well as in first and second chapters of 1st Kings must be read in their full context — both historical and biblical. Bathsheba was married to Uriah, one of King David’s generals. While she was bathing, David saw her and was overcome with lust.

Who was Uriah the Hittite in the Bible?

URIAH (Heb. אוּרִיָּה), the name of four biblical figures (in one case in the variant form Uriahu). The most important of these is Uriah the Hittite, listed as one of David’s “heroes” in ii Samuel 23:39. While Uriah was away on one of David’s campaigns (ii Sam.

Where is giloh in the Bible?

Giloh was a city in Judah. The biblical town has been identified with Beit Jala.

Who was Solomon’s father and mother in the Bible?

According to those sources, his father was David (flourished c. 1000 bce), the poet and king who, against great odds, founded the Judaean dynasty and united all the tribes of Israel under one monarch. Solomon’s mother was Bathsheba, formerly the wife of David’s Hittite general, Uriah.

Who is a gilonite?

AHITHOPHEL (Heb. אֲחִיתֹפֶל) THE GILONITE (i.e., of the Judean town of Giloh), adviser of King *David (ii Sam. 15:12; i Chron. A juxtaposition of ii Samuel 11:3 and 23:34 suggests that Bath-Sheba, the wife of Uriah, whom David debauched, was a granddaughter of Ahithophel.

What is the meaning of Ahithophel?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Ahithophel is: Brother of ruin or folly.

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