What information do you need to obtain from the person requesting the reservation?

What information do you need to obtain from the person requesting the reservation?

3. Formulation of the reservation request:

  1. Guest’s Profile Data.
  2. Guest’s group/company affiliation.
  3. Arrival date and time and departure date.
  4. The number of nights.
  5. Number of Pax.
  6. Room type requested.
  7. The number of rooms required.
  8. Type of bed.

What is the importance of guest reservation to travelers and lodging establishments?

A hotel reservation system enables guests to schedule dates and length of stay, room selection, extras, and payment all in one place.

What alternatives can be offered to a guest if the request is not available?

If the requested type of room is not available, apologize and explain to the guest that this particular room is not available. Try to offer alternative accommodation or dates at the hotel, and if this is unacceptable for the client, try to offer accommodation in a sister hotel, if applicable.

What are the advantages of taking reservation?

4 Benefits of a Reservation System for Your Hotel

  • A reservation system saves time and cuts costs.
  • It automates the booking process.
  • It reduces errors.
  • A reservation system increases customer satisfaction.

What are the purpose of making reservation?

The main goals of Indian reservations were to bring Native Americans under U.S. government control, minimize conflict between Indians and settlers and encourage Native Americans to take on the ways of the white man.

Why it is important to file reservations accurately?

A well – organized reservation system allows hotels to ensure a steady flow of guests into their properties. Easy access to a hotel’s data bank of rooms helps in fulfilling the customers’ needs as well as in reaching a targeted daily occupancy rate, average daily rate, yield percentage, and RevPAR.

What skills should you have in order to handle a reservation properly?

15 Essential Reservations Agent Skills For Your Resume And Career

  • Customer Service.
  • Communication.
  • Data Entry.
  • Front Office.
  • Outbound Calls.
  • Telephone Calls.
  • Guest Service.
  • Accurate Information.

What is non confirmed reservation?

When a reservation is made with a non-guaranteed status, it means that the hotel agrees to hold the room until a certain time (e.g. 6 p.m.) on the day of arrival. If the guest fails to arrive by this time, the hotel is free to release the room.

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