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What is a 50 forint coin worth?

What is a 50 forint coin worth?


Issuer Hungary
Value 50 Forint 50 HUF = USD 0.16
Currency Forint (1946-date)
Composition Copper-nickel
Weight 7.6 g

How much is a 2 forint coin worth?


Krause number KM# 693
Denomination 2 forint
Currency rate 2 HUF = 0.006 USD
Year 1992-2008
Period Third Republic (1990 – 2021)

What country is 10 forint?

Additional information

Series Current Hungarian Forint Coins
Country Hungary
Tender Types Coins
Country coin denominations 1, 10, 100, 10000, 2, 20, 200, 2000, 20000, 5, 50
Colour Silver

What country uses forint as money?

The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary. Its name stems from the city of Florence, where gold coins called florentinus were minted from 1252. The currency’s issuing authority is the Hungarian National Bank.

What is a 5 forint coin?

The Hungarian gold-colored coin of 5 forint has a diameter of 21.2mm and weighs 4.2g. The nickel-brass five forint coin contains the word ‘Magyarorszag’. Do you have a 5 Hungarian Forints coin?…Additional information.

Location Hungary
Series Hungarian Forint coins
Tender coins
Weight 4.2 g
Dimensions 21.2 × 21.2 mm

What does Hungarian forint look like?

The forint (sign Ft; code HUF) is the currency of Hungary….

Hungarian forint
1⁄100 fillér (defunct)
Plural forintok (nominative only)
Symbol Ft
Banknotes 500 Ft, 1000 Ft, 2000 Ft, 5000 Ft, 10,000 Ft, 20,000 Ft

What country has forint as currency?

The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary.

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