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What is a good sentence for precision?

What is a good sentence for precision?

This false precision can have had no practical value, but may have enforced habits of minute observation. His recent discovery of the ” fixed lines ” allowed a precision of observation previously impossible. Lana listened, chilled at the coldness and precision of his directions.

How do you write precise in a sentence?

  1. My orders were Precise.
  2. It’s the Precise moment.
  3. Quick, clean and Precise.
  4. So Precise like clockwork!
  5. Very Precise surgical work.
  6. She saved me, to be Precise.
  7. They were organized, Precise.
  8. Blue corundum, to be Precise.

What are precise words?

Precise language is the use of exact nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc., to help produce vivid mental pictures without resorting to using too many words to convey thoughts. When you use specific words in your writing, you create strong, compelling images in the minds of the readers.

What does it mean to be precise?

1 : exactly or sharply defined or stated. 2 : minutely exact. 3 : strictly conforming to a pattern, standard, or convention. 4 : distinguished from every other at just that precise moment.

What is precision?

Full Definition of precision (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the quality or state of being precise : exactness. 2a : the degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or a measurement stated — compare accuracy sense 2b.

What is something precise?

Precise means strictly correct or very exact. If you need something to be precise, like the positioning of a safety net for a stunt jump over a canyon, there’s no room for error.

How do you use precise words?

Precise Wording

  1. Replace abstract nouns with verbs. Verbs, more than nouns, help convey ideas concisely, so where possible, avoid using nouns derived from verbs.
  2. Prefer short words to long words and phrases.
  3. Avoid clichés.
  4. Avoid cluttered constructions.
  5. Use accurate wording.
  6. Prefer the active voice.

How do you use the word precise?

precise adjective (EXACT) The bunker’s precise location is a closely guarded secret. He caught me at the precise moment that I fainted. There was a good turnout for the meeting – twelve of us to be precise. correctThat answer is correct.

What is precise in a story?

Writing concisely means eliminating redundant details and excess words. So, precise writing, when done well, is concise—the author has chosen carefully what details to include and what to leave out. Each detail helps tell the story.

How do you use precision in a sentence?

use “precision” in a sentence. The precision ratio is an index that indicates how many articles meet the search criteria out of all of the articles retrieved. Without using precision instruments, a Greek mathematician measured the radius of earth in the third century B. C. , and came within 1 percent of the value determined by today’s technology.

How to use “precisely” in a sentence?

The precise scope and limitations of this rule cannot be too clearly apprehended.

  • It is difficult to give precise rules in regard to the formation of friendship.
  • I am safe to say that at this precise moment there was nobody completely sane in the house.
  • If we enter into an engagement with others for a certain time,we should be precise in keeping it.
  • How do you use the word precise in a sentence?

    use precise in a sentence, make example sentences of the word occurred at precisely 09:02, The earthquake occurred at precisely 9:02 this morningYou need to be more precise in telling us what the problem is if you want us to help you. The earthquake occurred at precisely 9:02 this morning. She carved the turkey with the precision of a surgeon.

    What is a sentence using the word precision?

    Use precision in a sentence. Cutting construction paper hearts with precision using scissors. adjective. The definition of precision is something made with exact measurements. An example of precision used as an adjective is the term “precision tool” which means a device used to make concise measurements.

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