What is a trajectory in science?

What is a trajectory in science?

1 : the curve that a body (such as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space. 2 : a path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory an upward career trajectory.

What is a trajectory in psychology?

In developmental psychology, trajectory means the positive or negative path that a child is following in life.

What is projectile in science?

A projectile is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity. A projectile is any object that once projected or dropped continues in motion by its own inertia and is influenced only by the downward force of gravity. By definition, a projectile has a single force that acts upon it – the force of gravity.

What subject is trajectory?

trajectory in Physics topic technicalHP the curved path of an object that has been fired or thrown through the air2 formal the events that happen during a period of time, which often lead to a particular aim or result The decision was certain to affect the trajectory of French politics for some time to come.

What is an example of a trajectory?

An example of trajectory is the path taken by a paper airplane as it flies through the air. The curved path of something hurtling through space, esp. that of a projectile from the time it leaves the muzzle of the gun.

What is mean by trajectory in chemistry?

The trajectory is the curved path of the object in respect to its motion along with the gravity.

What is a trajectory theory?

Lesson Summary. While most theories look to one factor as to why people become criminals, trajectory theory is a theory that says there are multiple pathways to crime. Paths, in this case, are routes through life that direct a person toward delinquent behavior quicker and at a higher rate than other trajectories.

What is a developmental trajectory?

A developmental trajectory describes the progression of a given behavior as individuals age.

What is the difference between projectile and trajectory?

Projectile motion is a form of motion where an object moves in a parabolic path. The path followed by the object is called its trajectory.

What is trajectory of a projectile class 11?

Trajectory of a projectile is the path that particle will take under the action of gravity, neglecting all other forces, such as friction from air resistance.

How do you describe trajectory?

The trajectory of an object is the path it follows once in flight or in motion. The word is especially used in the context of the path of projectiles like rockets, but it can be used in many different contexts. The trajectory of a golf ball is the curved path it follows in the air after being hit by a golf club.

What does trajectory mean in history?

refers to the changes undergone by an industrial/commercial/military site over a given period of time (e.g. since the beginning of industrialization) before and after it has become a brownfield. These changes can be conceptualized as more or less distinct stages, separated by turning points.

What is the meaning of the term trajectory?

The term health trajectory is a succinct and useful way to describe change in health status over time.

How is trajectory science used in Nursing Research?

As in related disciplines such as psychology (Collins, 2006), advancing nursing research to incorporate trajectory science involves integration of theory about change, effective use of longitudinal design, and estimation of statistical models for individual growth and decline.

What is the trajectory of Health over time?

As the pattern of health over time, the notion of a health trajectory reflects common use of the term trajectory as the flight path of an object, including the forces that act on it to link location with time.

What is the shape of an object’s trajectory?

The path that something follows as it takes the journey up and then down again is its trajectory. When gravity is in play, objects that are thrown or propelled in some way follow a trajectory in the shape of what’s technically known as a parabola, which is basically a kind of curve.

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