What is Caco military?

What is Caco military?

A Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) is the official representative of the Secretary of the Navy who provides information, resources and assistance to the PNOK and SNOK in the event of a casualty.

What is Mfpc USMC?

Provide immediate casualty assistance to Marine Corps families with compassion, dignity and honor. Task and assign units to provide Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) to supported family members.

What is next of kin army?

When the military refers to a next of kin, the term PNOK is used to identify one person who will receive notification of the death of the service member and from whom the military will request instructions for the transportation, preparation and interment of the deceased.

What is included in Phase 1 of Casualty Assis?

The one that t is included in phase i of casualty assistance is: Contacting the servicing legal assistance office. Phase i of casualty assistance will include an initial phone call and visit to the family of the fallen soldier by the casualty assistance officer, including the service request and further follow up regarding the case.

How does the DoD casualty assistance program work?

The program assigns a casualty assistance officer to advise and assist the primary next of kin, as well as other assistance officers to secondary next of kin. When a casualty is seriously ill or injured, the next of kin will be notified as quickly as possible with the expressed desires of the member.

Who is the primary next of kin for casualty assistance?

Casualty assistance is available to the primary next of kin — the person most closely related to the service member. Typically, this is the spouse, or the parents for unmarried service members.

What does it mean to be a casualty?

Although the term “casualty” is usually associated with death, casualty support to eligible family members also means support after injury and illness, and when a service member is missing.

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