What is it called when multiple genes control a trait?

What is it called when multiple genes control a trait?

​Polygenic Trait = A polygenic trait is one whose phenotype is influenced by more than one gene. Traits that display a continuous distribution, such as height or skin color, are polygenic.

What are two other examples of traits that are controlled by genes?

For example, skin color and height are determined by many genes. Some phenotypes however, are determined by a single gene. We will explore some of these single gene traits in the laboratory….

  • Interlocking fingers. Interlock fingers.
  • Ear lobes.
  • Widow’s peak.
  • Tongue curling.
  • Hitch hiker’s thumb.
  • Pigmented iris.
  • PTC tasting.

When a single trait is controlled by more than a single set of alleles?

Explanation: A trait that is controlled by more than one gene is called polygenic which translates to “multiple genes”. The genes work together to make one trait. Examples are skin, eye and hair color.

When a single trait is affected by more than 1 gene locus?

Pleiotropy. When a single gene affects the expression of more than one phenotypic character, the phenomenon is known as pleiotropy (from the Greek pleio meaning “more” and “trop, meaning “change”).

When a single trait is affected by more than one gene locus This is called inheritance?

Polygenic inheritance, in simple terms, implies a character or phenotypic trait, which is regulated by more than one gene. In biology, it refers to the quantitative inheritance wherein two or more independent genes additively affect a single phenotypic trait.

When more than one gene interacts with each other to influence the outcome of a single character it is known as?

Inheritance. Polygenic inheritance occurs when one characteristic is controlled by two or more genes.

What are the traits of genes?

(genetics) Characteristics or attributes of an organism that are expressed by genes and/or influenced by the environment. Traits include physical attributes of an organism such as hair color, leaf shape, size, etc., and behavioral characteristics, such as bird nesting.

How are traits determined?

Traits are determined by an individual’s genotype, the summation of the genes in our DNA. A gene is a portion of a chromosome.

What is a single gene trait?

Single-gene Traits. A single-gene trait is a trait that is controlled by only one gene. For instance, if long hair on guinea pigs was dominant, then short hair would be recessive; and the guinea pig would either just have long or short hair.

What are examples of hereditary traits?

Heredity is defined as the characteristics we get genetically from our parents and our relatives before them. An example of heredity is the likelihood that you will have blue eyes. An example of heredity is your possibility of having breast cancer based on family history. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Heredity.”.

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