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What is LPT2 port?

What is LPT2 port?

LPT (line print terminal) is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer. Most PCs come with one or two LPT connections designated as LPT1 and LPT2. An LPT port can be used for an input device such as QuickCam, a video camera used with CU-SeeMe .

What type of printers are dot matrix printers?

A dot matrix printer is an impact printer that prints using a fixed number of pins or wires. Typically the pins or wires are arranged in one or several vertical columns. The pins strike an ink-coated ribbon and force contact between the ribbon and the paper, so that each pin makes a small dot on the paper.

What is the speed of dot matrix printer?


Printing Technology Serial Impact Dot Matrix Method
Dot Wire Diameter 0.3 mm
Print Direction Bidirectional/Unidirectional printing, Short line-seeking printing
Graphic Resolution Max. 240(H) x 216(V) dpi
Print Speed Super Speed Draft : 700 cps, High Speed Draft : 600 cps, Draft : 450 cps, Near Letter Quality : 113 cps

How do I use a dot matrix printer with a USB port?

Dot Matrix Printer With a USB Connection

  1. Install any software drivers included with the dot matrix printer.
  2. Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Turn the printer on.
  4. Install the printer manually if it does not install automatically.

What is an ltp1 port?

(Line Print Terminal 1) In a PC, the logical name assigned to parallel port #1. The parallel port, which is no longer found on modern PCs, was typically used for the printer. A second parallel port, if installed, was assigned to LPT2. Contrast with COM1.

What is a USB001 port?

USB001 is the default printer port for USB printers and is the first port Windows selects when connecting a printer via the operating system’s Devices and Printers “Add a Printer” utility. Once the installation process is complete, the printer is assigned to the USB001 port until you uninstall it, if desired.

What is the type of dot matrix?

A dot matrix printer (DMP) is a type of printer which uses pins impacting an ink ribbon to print. Dot matrix printers are one of the most early printers which came to the consumer market. A dot matrix printer is also known as an impact matrix printer.

Where are dot matrix printers used?

Dot matrix printers can print multiple sheets at once, printing directly onto the white front sheet, then following on to the coloured carbon copies behind. In general, dot matrix printers are more reliable than laser or inkjet machines, especially when used in dirty environments such as warehouses or car garages.

How can I speed up my dot matrix printer?

Check these things:

  1. Go to the Printers folder (Start\Settings\Printers).
  2. Right-click on the printer that is printing slowly.
  3. In the “Details” tab, press the “Spool Settings” button.
  4. If there is bi-directional support, turn it off. Make sure “Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster” is selected.

Which port of computer is used to connect a dot matrix printer?

Computer Science – Class 12 parallel port is used to Connect Dot Matrix printer to the computer .

What is WSD port for printer?

The WSD Port Monitor is a new printer port monitor in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. This port monitor supports printing to network devices that are designed to include Web Services for Devices (WSD) technology.

What kind of printer is a dot matrix?

Prev Article Next Article. The dot matrix printer is an early type of printer which is very similar to a typewriter. It uses the impact method of ink to page delivery which is slow and noisy when compared with today’s much quieter laser or inkjet printers.

Is the dot matrix ribbon a commodity product?

Dot matrix ribbons are a commodity and are not monopolized by the printer manufacturers themselves.

Which is the best type of ink jet printer?

This kind of Ink Jet printer is called a Bubble jet printer, and it is the most popular form of ink jet printer. The crispness of an ink jet printer’s image is usually rated in terms of Dots Per Inch or DPI.

What kind of technology does a thermal printer use?

Thermal printers use an older, thermal technology. Many of the older fax machines use thermal technology. Instead of using ribbon, ink or melted ink sticks, we use special paper that reacts to heat. We use heat to transfer an image from the printer to the special paper.

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