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What is special about Cape Point?

What is special about Cape Point?

Cape Point, just 60km outside Cape Town, is a spectacular sight. With towering stone cliffs, endemic fynbos, breathtaking bays, beaches and rolling green hills and valleys, it’s definitely worth adding to adding to your Cape Town bucket list.

How did Cape Point get its name?

Cape Point has had a long and colourful history and was named the “Cape of Storms” by the Portuguese traveller, Bartolomeu Dias in 1448. The point was treated with great respect by sailors because of its treacherous seas.

Why is it called Sea Point?

Sea Point was so named in 1776 when Sam Wallis, one of the commanders serving under Captain Cook, encamped his men there in order to avoid a smallpox epidemic, which was sweeping through Cape Town at the time. The slopes of Signal Hill, with Table Mountain in the background, view from Sea Point.

How much does it cost to enter Cape Point?

Buy Entry Tickets

Description Adults Kids*
South Africans (with ID)** R85 R40
Standard Entry R340 R170
SADC Nationals R170 R85

Where do the oceans meet in South Africa?

Cape Point
South Africa’s Cape coast attracts thousands of local and international tourists each year to witness the Indian and Atlantic oceans splashing together – or so they believe. Cape Point, an hour’s drive from Cape Town, cashes in on the visitors who flock to witness this supposed natural phenomenon.

Which district is Sea Point?

Sea Point (Afrikaans: Seepunt) is one of Cape Town’s most affluent and densely populated suburbs, situated between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, a few kilometres to the west of Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD)….

Sea Point
PO box 8060
Area code 021

What should I wear to Cape Point?

Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, and take along a warm top – even if it is a hot day – because the wind (and there is almost always wind) at the top of Cape Point can be icy!

Is Cape Point Free Entry 2021?

Enter Cape Point for Free! So pick up an appropriate card, or make sure you visit us during our specials, and head out to the most south western corner of Africa for a truly remarkable day out.

Is Cape Point Free 2020?

SA National Parks Week 2020 – Free Access to Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point) South African National Parks (SANParks), together with Total South Africa and FNB will be hosting the 15th annual SA National Parks Week, which includes Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point Entrance) from 16 to 20 November 2020.

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