What is that mysterious something?

What is that mysterious something?

The definition of mysterious is something that is not understood or known. An example of something mysterious is an old man who lives in a house and never comes outside.

What is the another word of strange?

Strange, peculiar, odd, queer refer to that which is out of the ordinary.

What is a mystery person?

A mystery person or thing is one whose identity or nature is not known.

What is mysterious person?

Someone or something that is mysterious is strange and is not known about or understood.

What is another word for weird or strange?

Some common synonyms of strange are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and unique.

Why do people like to look at mysterious photos?

Many of us enjoy looking at weird mysterious photos or videos because of the feeling knowing that there are things that are beyond what we can explain. Getting goosebumps can be exciting, especially hearing real life stories of other people about their mysterious or creepy encounters.

Where are the strangest symbols on Google Earth?

A building in Okinawa, Japan seems to show the super hero’s symbol on its roof A collection of the ‘strangest’ sites found on the massive interactive map include man-made wonders such as giant animal carvings in rock and a psychedelic guitar-shaped forest planted in Argentina .

What should you do if you see a weird photo?

A weird mysterious photo, indeed. That’s why you should put things where they belong, or else it will be back to haunt you. Perhaps it should be a thing to either cover the windows with curtains or don’t have a window at all in your bathroom. Maybe this should be a warning to all kids who watch too much television.

Which is the most symbolic animal in the world?

Dogs are one of the most noted and symbolic of animals. In Celtic myths, they were known as shapeshifters. On the other hand, Classic Antiquity art classified man’s best friend as vigilant, faithful, and wise. During the Renaissance era, they represented fidelity and female seduction.

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