What is the average temperature of tropical ocean surface water?

What is the average temperature of tropical ocean surface water?

The average temperature of the sea surface is about 20° C (68° F), but it ranges from more than 30° C (86° F) in warm tropical regions to less than 0°C at high latitudes. In most of the ocean, the water becomes colder with increasing depth.

Are tropical oceans cold?

Tropical oceans receive a lot of direct overhead sunlight for much of the year, so the water is warm. Summer is the only time polar regions receive sunlight, and even then, it is never directly overhead, so water in these places tends to be cold.

What is the temperature and climate like in the ocean?

The climate of the marine biome is mostly varied. Since it is the largest biome in the world, the climate varies from -40 degrees fahreheit to over 100 degrees. The average temperature is 39 degrees fahrenheit, but it is warmer near the equator where the direct rays of sun can pierce the water and warm it.

What is temperate ocean?

Temperate oceans are between the winter ice pack limit and the tropics. This is a region of mixed water as currents of warm tropical water moves toward the poles and cold polar water moves toward the equator. The combination of these two currents form large circular systems in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

How does the ocean moderate temperature?

Ocean currents act as conveyer belts of warm and cold water, sending heat toward the polar regions and helping tropical areas cool off, thus influencing both weather and climate. The ocean doesn’t just store solar radiation; it also helps to distribute heat around the globe.

Why are tropical oceans warmer?

INTRODUCTION. Tropical oceans receive more direct solar radiation throughout the year. The water in tropical oceans is warm, around 27ºC (80.6ºF) and salinity is high because of increased evaporation. There are higher concentrations of nutrients essential to the abundant marine life found in tropical water.

What is the average temperature in a tropical ocean?

The water temperature of tropical oceans thus typically exceeds 20°C (68°F) and stays relatively constant throughout the year. Particularly intense radiation directly over the equator evaporates seawater and forms a mass of very warm, humid tropical air that subsequently rises and cools as it flows north and south.

What is the weather or climate of tropical oceans?

Tropical oceans contain water that stays at or above 68 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, according to Water Encyclopedia. If a downside exists to being near a tropical ocean, it is the occasional bad weather, as warm waters can spawn tropical storms and occasional hurricanes.

What is the difference of tropical ocean and the temperate ocean?

Tropical waters are crystal clear, while temperate waters are a murky blue-green color. Plankton gives the water a bluish-green appearance. The more murky the water, the more plankton it contains. Plankton are tiny organisms that float near the ocean surface.

What is the coldest temperature in the ocean?

However, the coldest point in the ocean is the water that flows in the southern sea at -2 degrees celcius, or 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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