What is the definition of nucleus for kids?

What is the definition of nucleus for kids?

The nucleus is perhaps the most important structure inside animal and plant cells. It is the main control center for the cell and acts kind of like the cell’s brain. In fact, the definition of a eukaryotic cell is that it contains a nucleus while a prokaryotic cell is defined as not having a nucleus.

What is nucleus in English grammar?

nounplural noun nuclei/ˈnjuːklɪʌɪ/ 1The central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth.

What type of word is nucleus?

noun, plural nu·cle·i [noo-klee-ahy, nyoo-], nu·cle·us·es. a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered; core: A few faithful friends formed the nucleus of the club.

Which is an example of the word nucleus?

Examples of Nucleus in a sentence At the core of our business is the software department, the nucleus of our company that creates the products we sell. 🔊 The capital city is the nucleus of the state. 🔊 Because the troops were outnumbered on the ground, they were dependent upon their one sniper to be the nucleus of their attack force. 🔊

What makes up the nucleus of an atom?

Its atoms have a nucleusof two protons and two neutrons, orbited by two electrons. As the electron cloud and the nucleus are displaced, the electron cloud experiences a Coulomb force pulling it back toward the nucleus.

Is the lower smudge of light from the nucleus?

The lower smudge of light is from the nucleusat the centre of the Andromeda galaxy. The word nucleusis a derivative of the Latin word nux, meaning nut or kernel. The inner and outer margins of the annulus were observed to bulge outwards but when the nucleuswas removed the inner margins bulged inwards.

Which is an example of a stable nucleus?

Carbon, for example, has a stable nucleuswhen its 6 protons are joined by 6 neutrons. A proton, found in the nucleusof an atom, is composed of three quarks and is a hadron. If the nucleusof the an atom has too few neutrons to be stable, however, positron emission occurs.

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