What is the full meaning of gentle?

What is the full meaning of gentle?

1 : having or showing a kind and quiet nature : not harsh, stern, or violent He was a large but gentle man. 2 : not hard or forceful a gentle wind. 3 : not strong or harsh in quality or effect a gentle soap. 4 : not steep or sharp gentle hills.

What is the example of gentle?

The definition of gentle is someone with or something done with a calm, soothing and tender manner. An example of gentle is a mother bathing her newborn baby. Not harsh or severe; mild and soft.

How do you describe gentle?

1 clement, peaceful, pacific, soothing; tender, humane, lenient, merciful. 3 temperate. 5 noble. 7 manageable, docile, tame.

What is the mean of gently?

to smile/laugh/blow gently. without force or strength: The door closed gently. slightly or gradually: gently rolling hills.

What does gentle mean in the Bible?

Gentleness in the bible means showing care and respect for others in the way that you act and speak.

What is a gentle person like?

A gentle person is someone who is calm and rational in a state of anger. A gentle person is aware of the needs of others and is open to new experiences and ideas. That is true strength.

Is being gentle a good thing?

In many stages of development, they are learning things for the first time. Being gentle helps usher the learning process along, and helps bring a stabilizing element to the process. Regardless of whatever gender you are, being gentle attracts beneficial elements to your life.

How can a woman be gentle?

How to be a Gentlewoman will teach you how to slow down, lean out, recognize good relationships and let go of the bad, create a space you love, find your people and construct a happy and ‘joined up’ sense of yourself. The gentle antidote to a brutal world.

What is a gentle spirit?

adjective. Someone who is gentle is kind, mild, and calm.

How do I become gentle?

There are a few things we can do in any situation to embrace our gentle core and avoid the pitfalls of mindless aggression and violence.

  1. Be Conscious of Your Feelings.
  2. Use the Space between Stimulus and Response.
  3. Allow Yourself to Care.
  4. Take your Focus Deeper.
  5. Decide What You are Going to Do.

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