What is the meaning of declasse?

What is the meaning of declasse?

1 : fallen or lowered in class, rank, or social position. 2 : of inferior status.

How do you spell de classe?

dé·clas·sé adj. 1. Low or lowered in class, rank, or social position.

How do you use rueful in a sentence?

Rueful sentence example Daniel just looked at him with a rueful grin. He gazed down into the river water, with what looked like a fond, rueful smile. To round off the weekend ‘s matches, John Cannon sends a rueful comment from a Sussex viewpoint.

How do you use privation in a sentence?

How to use privation in a sentence. She was delicate and unaccustomed to privation and discomfort—and the cottage had its disadvantages. The poor fellow had so weakened his stomach by privation, that he died from eating a good meal given him by a kind friend.

What is a Frippit?

frippet. / (ˈfrɪpɪt) / noun. British old-fashioned, informal a frivolous or flamboyant young woman.

What does wretched as a declasse mean?

(French deklɑse) adj. 1. ( Sociology) having lost social standing or status.

How do you use leery in a sentence?

Leery sentence example

  1. Just be leery of who you trust.
  2. I would think if they see the connection they might be leery of taking our calls.
  3. He roused himself, leery of becoming too comfortable in the home of his enemies.
  4. I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier, but I suspect I was a little leery of the unknown.

What is a good sentence for reformatory?

The school was home and haven to some, reformatory and prison to others. He was caught for theft and was put into the reformatory in 1943. She was placed in a reformatory for running away. He spent a total of six years in a federal reformatory and then married his girlfriend while on parole.

How do you use the word introspection in a sentence?

Introspection sentence example

  1. Many of the subjects invoke calm and introspection .
  2. This requires critical self introspection but is worthwhile undertaking.
  3. As a result, adolescents may display increased introspection and self-consciousness.
  4. He is full of deep, wordy introspection about his fellow team members.

What part of speech is privation?


part of speech: noun
definition 2: an act, instance, or condition of deprivation. synonyms: deprivation, destitution, dispossession, need, want similar words: confiscation, deficiency, lack, loss
related words: crunch, famine, poverty

How do you use prestidigitation in a sentence?

He might be able to manage a bit of political prestidigitation again. His writing was peppered with verbal tricks and prestidigitation. He had emptied the pockets of his companions by a kind of prestidigitation quite incomprehensible to them.

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