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What is the other name of nephridia?

What is the other name of nephridia?

Nephridia come in two basic categories: metanephridia and protonephridia. All nephridia and kidney having animals belong to the clade Nephrozoa.

What is nephridia in simple words?

: a tubular glandular excretory organ characteristic of various invertebrates.

Is nephridia and metanephridia same?

Metanephridia are the other type of nephridia which occur in invertebrates, including the phyla Annelida, Arthropoda, and Mollusca. Generally, metanephridia are a ciliated funnel, which opens into the body cavity. This opening connects to a duct, which is folded or expanded.

What is a nephridia in biology?

nephridium, unit of the excretory system in many primitive invertebrates and also in the amphioxus; it expels wastes from the body cavity to the (usually aquatic) exterior.

What Clitellum means?

Definition of clitellum : a thickened glandular section of the body wall of some annelids that secretes a viscid sac in which the eggs are deposited.

What is Nephridium Class 11?

Nephridia are segmentally arranged coiled tubules which act as excretory organs in the earthworms.

What is the thick band called on a earthworm?

The clitellum is a thick, saddle-like ring found in the epidermis (skin) of the worm, usually with a light-colored pigment. To form a cocoon for its eggs, the clitellum secretes a viscous fluid.

What is Coelomducts?

: an excretory and genital duct that is typical of certain invertebrates (as annelid worms) and has a wide and usually ciliated lumen opening into the coelom by a broad funnel and terminating externally by a small pore in the body wall.

What is nephridia Class 11?

Which is the best dictionary definition of nephridia?

Define nephridia. nephridia synonyms, nephridia pronunciation, nephridia translation, English dictionary definition of nephridia. n. pl. ne·phrid·i·a 1. A tubular excretory organ in many invertebrates, such as mollusks and earthworms. 2. The excretory organ of a vertebrate embryo from…

Where does the nephridia end in an earthworm?

nephridia) a primitive excretory organ present in many invertebrates (e.g. the earthworm) in the form of a tube which opens at one end to the exterior. The other end may open into the COELOM or may terminate in a FLAME CELL.

Where are the nephridia located in an annelid?

What are nephridia in annelids? Nephridia, coiled tubular duct-like organs, filter and remove waste from an earthworm’s body. In more advanced segmented worms, like the earthworm, the nephridia typically are grouped in pairs throughout the segments of the worm’s body. These pairs of nephridia are named for their location in the worms anatomy.

How many pairs of neurons does nephridia have?

Nephridia, in posterior segments two pairs per segment, coiled; the dorsal pair larger and the ventral smaller, this varying between segments, in some the dorsal smaller and the ventral larger.

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