What is the outcome of the subplot about Charlie and Miss Kinnian relationship?

What is the outcome of the subplot about Charlie and Miss Kinnian relationship?

The subplot is resolved when Charlie buries the mouse when he dies. The test that is given to Charlie is an inkblot test (Rorshach test).

How does Charlie’s development affect Alice Kinnian?

Alice grows to truly love Charlie, and she gives of herself to him completely, despite his intellectual regression. In the true sense of lovers and partners, she completes his development into an emotional/intellectual whole even as that fragile union is heading toward its downward slide.

How have Charlie’s feelings for Miss Kinnian changed since the beginning of the story what has contributed to this change?

How are Charlie’s feelings toward Miss Kinnian changing? He once thought of her as merely his teacher, now she is a love interest for him. Charlie doesn’t want to think about it because he would rather enjoy what is happening now and live in denial.

How does Mrs Kinnian help Charlie?

Miss Kinnian is driven by emotion and has Charlie’s best interests at heart. She cares about him deeply. She treats Charlie with a great deal of respect and understanding. As his intelligence continues to grow, Charlie has to deal with many issues and she is always there for him.

How does Charlie feel about Mrs Kinnian?

How does Charlie’s relationship with Algernon change after the operation?

After the operation, Charlie continues to bond and identify with Algernon because they both have been subjected to the same surgery to improve their intellects. The identification becomes bitter as Charlie grows to understand they were both used to advance Dr. Nemur’s agenda.

How does Charlie Gordon feel about Miss Kinnian?

How does Charlie’s attitude change in progress report 7?

Charlie moves from the situation of child to adult in a very rapid time sequence, and his attitudes change to reflect his greater depth of understanding. After the surgery, Charlie’s attitude towards people he thought were his friends changed and he saw them as people who ridiculed him because of his low IQ.

How does she feel about the change in Charlie?

How does Fanny feel about Charlie’ intelligence? She thinks that it’s not right and unnatural. He decides to use his knowledge to work on helping increase human intelligence levels.

How have Charlie’s feelings changed for Algernon and why?

He mourns when Algernon dies because he identifies so strongly with him. Both before and immediately after the operation, Charlie sees Algernon as a competitior. Charlie thinks Algernon is a “pretty smart mouse” before his operation because the mouse can beat him by finding his way through a maze faster than Charlie.

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