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What is the Probe college Fair?

What is the Probe college Fair?

Probe is an annual program of college fairs and guidance counselor workshops that are held throughout the state of Georgia. Hundreds of colleges from across the nation attend Probe each year to reach thousands of Georgia high school juniors and seniors.

Are college fairs worth going to?

College fairs can range from having a handful of colleges to hundreds of colleges. Some college fairs might be as close as your high school and others might require a little travel. Many college bound students and their parents wonder if attending a college fair is worth the time and effort. The short answer is yes!

What is the most common location for college fairs?

College fairs are often held at local community centers, junior colleges or conference centers.

What is a college fair for?

A college fair is an event for high school students to learn more about colleges by talking one-on-one with admissions representatives from various universities. College fairs are typically held at high schools, community centers, community colleges, or convention centers.

What is the Peach State Tour?

Peach State Tour – Student Registration New. The 2021 Peach State Tour information sessions will be offered in-person and via Zoom Webinars. These sessions will allow you to learn more about Augusta University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia.

What do you wear to a college fair?

Wear Smart Casual Smart casual for men includes a formal shirt, jeans or khakis and dress shoes. Wearing sneakers is allowed as long as the overall look is put-together well. Smart casual for women includes a well-fitting blouse, dress jeans or a skirt and formal shoes.

Are virtual college fairs worth it?

Are Virtual College Fairs Worth It? YES! While going virtual has generated its own fair share of problems, there is no reason students shouldn’t be signing up for these virtual college fairs. If anything, more students than ever should be able to attend.

How do you attend a college fair?

The key to using the fair to your advantage is to arrive prepared:

  1. Make a College Fair Game Plan. Before you arrive at the fair, do your research.
  2. Ask Colleges Great Questions.
  3. Dress the Part.
  4. Go Off Script.
  5. Get Contact Information and Use It.
  6. Helpful Questions to Ask Colleges During A College Fair.

What should I wear to college fair?

What is a highly selective college?

A highly selective college is one that has very competitive admission standards and a very low acceptance rate, because of its highly recognized name and top academic programs and faculty. These schools typically admit only 25% or fewer of the students who apply.

How do you get into a college fair?

Scheduling and planning

  1. Choose the date early — several months in advance.
  2. Coordinate scheduling with other school events and activities to ensure adequate space and parking.
  3. Set up a budget early in your planning.
  4. Determine how much space you have available.
  5. Invite colleges that:
  6. Communicate directly with the reps.

What do you say at a college fair?

General Questions to Ask at a College Fair

  • How does your school stand out from the other schools that offer the same programs and extracurricular facilities?
  • What is the average class size?
  • What are the support services I can expect as a student at your school?

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