What is the racial makeup of Bismarck North Dakota?

What is the racial makeup of Bismarck North Dakota?

The racial makeup of the city was 94.78% White, 3.39% Native American, 0.89% from two or more races, 0.75% Hispanic or Latino, 0.45% Asian, 0.28% Black or African American, 0.17% from other races and 0.03% Pacific Islander.

What is the latitude of the northern border of ND?

49° north latitude
The North Pole is at 90° north latitude. The southern border of North Dakota is approximately 46° north latitude, and the northern border of North Dakota is at 49° north latitude.

What is the population of Bismarck in 2021?

10 Largest Cities in North Dakota

Rank Name 2021 Pop.
1 Fargo 125,804
2 Bismarck 74,129
3 Grand Forks 54,243
4 Minot 47,236

What is North Dakota named after?

Sioux people
North Dakota was named for the Sioux people who once lived in the territory. The Sioux called themselves Dakota or Lakota, meaning allies or friends. One of North Dakota’s nicknames is the Peace Garden State.

What is the latitude and longitude of Bismarck?

The latitude of Bismarck, ND, USA is 46.825905, and the longitude is -100.778275.

How tall is Bismarck North Dakota in meters?

Bismarck, ND, USA is located at United States country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 46° 49′ 33.2580” N and 100° 46′ 41.7900” W. Bismarck, ND, USA elevation is 557 meters height, that is equal to 1,827 feet.

What to do in Bismarck, North Dakota?

It is a cultural center and a canter of education, with numerous libraries, theaters and various concert venues. Local parks and exercise trails are excellent, making the city a known recreation tourist destination. The latitude of Bismarck, ND, USA is 46.825905 , and the longitude is -100.778275 .

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