What is the story of Endymion?

What is the story of Endymion?

ENDYMION was a handsome shepherd-prince loved by the moon-goddess Selene. When Zeus offered him his choice of destinies, Endymion chose immortality and youth in eternal slumber. He was laid out in a cave on Mount Latmus in Karia (Caria) where his lunar lover would visit him each night.

Who was Selene’s lover?

Selene is best known for her affair with the beautiful mortal Endymion.

Is Endymion a mortal?

Selene was of course ageless, whilst Endymion was mortal, and so Selene went to Zeus and asked the god to give Endymion eternal youth, so that Selene and Endymion could be together forever.

Is Sailor Moon based on Greek mythology?

Sailor Moon draws its origins from two main sources: Greek mythology and a traditional Japanese folk tale. While the content of the manga/anime lends itself more to the mythological story between Selene and Endymion, the folk tale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter plays into it as well.

What was Endymion God of?

However, the role of lover of Selene, the moon, is attributed primarily to Endymion who was either a shepherd or an astronomer, either profession providing justification for him to spend time beneath the moon….Endymion (mythology)

Children Narcissus, Aetolus, Eurypyle, Eurycyda, Paeon, Epeius, fifty daughters with Selene

How did Selene meet Endymion?

In any case, Endymion was loved by Selene, the goddess of the moon, who visited him every night while he lay asleep in a cave on Mount Latmus in Caria; she bore him 50 daughters. A common form of the myth represents Endymion as having been put to sleep by Selene herself so that she might enjoy his beauty undisturbed.

What God is Endymion?

Endymion was a handsome shepherd, hunter or king in ancient Greek mythology, who lived in the region of Elis. He was the son of Zeus, and had legendary beauty. Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon, fell in love with him, and asked Zeus to give him eternal youth.

Who Is Endymion wife?

Others with greater probability say that Endymion took a wife Asterodia—others say she was Chromia, the daughter of Itonus, the son of Amphictyon; others again, Hyperippe, the daughter of Arcas—but all agree that Endymion begat Paeon, Epeius, Aetolus, and also a daughter Eurycyda.

Is Sailor Cosmos a goddess?

4 Sailor Cosmos Sailor Cosmos is also a representation of the Greek deity of the same name, who represents order as opposed to the mayhem of Chaos.

Where did the story of Endymion come from?

ENDYMION IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY The tale of Endymion and Selene is a story from Greek mythology that became a favourite of artists from the Renaissance period onwards; and the imagery of the Moon goddesses visiting the eternal sleeping mortal was often repeated.

Who was the Titan goddess that loved Endymion?

Apollonius of Rhodes is one of the many poets who tell how Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon, loved the mortal. She believed him to be so beautiful that she asked Endymion’s father, Zeus, to grant him eternal youth so that he would never leave her.

Why was Endymion so interested in the Moon?

Whilst looking after his sheep at time, Endymion had plenty of time to observe the movements of the moon, and made note of them. Just as Endymion was interested in the moon, so Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, was interested in the man who was observing her.

Who is the author of Diana and Endymion?

Diana and Endymion by Jérôme-Martin Langlois, circa 1822. Apollonius of Rhodes is one of the many poets who tell how Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon, loved the mortal Endymion.

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