What is the style of African masks?

What is the style of African masks?

Subject and style. African masks are usually shaped after a human face or some animal’s muzzle, albeit rendered in a sometimes highly abstract form. Masks from the Senufo people of Ivory Coast, for example, have their eyes half closed, symbolizing a peaceful attitude, self-control, and patience.

What does the Yohure mask represent?

Yohure masks are used in dance rituals to help villagers come to terms with the death of one of their people. The masks represent the Yu spirits who restore the social balance after a bereavement. These masks are considered very powerful and dangerous objects.

What are the key features of an African mask?

Characteristics of African Masks Parallel, zigzag, cruciform, curved and spiral lines, representing scarification marks or tattoos, are frequently used to adorn the planes of the mask face. These could represent social status or have magical or religious powers.

What are the main features of a Baule mask?

The flat, disk-shaped face with ringed eyes and rectangular mouth is surmounted by ears and large curving horns. The bold red coloring has contrasting touches of white, while the complementary female mask would be painted black. The people who made the mask were either farmers or blacksmiths, depending on the region.

What do the patterns on African masks represent?

The patterns are combined on masks to represent the prohibitions, rules for proper conduct of life, and requirements of the spirits the masks represent–they are visible forms of the soser of the Lobi.

What is the elements utilized in four masks?

Nature 4 elements icon sign. Water, Fire, Earth, Air. on dark background.

What are the characteristics and functions of an African mask?

Quite often, African masks function in religious and social events to represent the spirits of ancestors or to control the good and evil forces in the community. They come to life, possessed by spirits in the performance of dance, and are enhanced by both the music and atmosphere of the occasion.

What is the purpose of Baule masks?

This Baule trbal mask is from the tradition known as “Mblo”. Masks of this kind are often used in solo dances to depict prominent member of the community. It is a portrait mask and represent one of the most refined form of masking tradition.

What are the five elements of African art?

The 5 Elements

  • The Use of Human Figure. African art is an artwork created not just to please the eye but also to uphold religious values, and this is why the ‘human figure’ is given prime importance.
  • Luster or Luminosity.
  • Composed Demeanor.
  • Youthfulness.
  • Symmetry and Balance.

What was the significance of the yohure mask?

Today the Yohure mask today still holds great significance to the Yohure tribe who believe the masks resemble powerful tribal spirits called Yu spirits. The masks are usually worn during a funeral to honor the dead and help guide their spirit to its final resting place by appeasing the Yu spirits.

Is the Yaure ceremonial mask dangerous to humans?

With the aid of such masks, the people hope to influence supernatural powers, or yu, that can do harm to humans, but that can also insure their welfare. The masks are considered emblems of yu spirits, very dangerous, to be handled with caution, and absolutely kept out of sight of women.

Why are yohure masks important to Cote d Ivoire?

ArtTribal.com. The best known masks of the Yohure, a small ethnic group inhabiting the central region of Côte d’Ivoire, represent human faces supplemented by animal attributes. With the aid of such masks, the people hope to influence supernatural powers, or yu, that can do harm to humans, but that can also insure their welfare.

Where can I find a yhoure face mask?

Yhoure masks can often be found in the arts collections of museums such as the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

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