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What is the use of Latimer diagram?

What is the use of Latimer diagram?

Latimer diagrams can be used in the construction of Frost diagrams, as a concise summary of the standard electrode potentials relative to the element. Since ΔrGo = -nFEo, the electrode potential is a representation of the Gibbs energy change for the given reduction.

What information is obtained from Latimer and Frost diagrams?

Latimer and Frost diagrams help predict stability relative to higher and lower oxidation states, usually at one fixed pH. Pourbaix diagrams help understand pH-dependent equilibria, which are often coupled to solubility equilibria and corrosion (which will be talked about more later).

How are Frost diagram plotted?

Frost diagrams can be constructed from Latimer diagrams. The values to be plotted on the y-axis are obtained by multiplying the number of electrons transferred during an oxidation state change by the standard reduction potential for that change.

How does Frost diagram differ from Latimer diagram?

The key difference between Latimer diagram and Frost diagram is that Latimer diagram summarizes the standard electrode potentials of a chemical element whereas Frost diagram summarizes the relative stability of different oxidation states of a substance.

How do you use a Frost diagram?

A Frost diagram may be used to determine when two species that are thermodynamically favored to undergo conproprtionation. Draw a line between the two species on the diagram. If there are states below the line then the two species are unstable towards forming those states by conproprtionation.

What does a Frost diagram represent?

A Frost diagram or Frost–Ebsworth diagram is a type of graph used by inorganic chemists in electrochemistry to illustrate the relative stability of a number of different oxidation states of a particular substance. The graph illustrates the free energy vs oxidation state of a chemical species.

What is a frost circle?

Whether or not a compound is aromatic may be determined by the so-called Frost circle – a simple method used to estimate the relative π orbital energies of both planar and cyclic compounds with an uninterrupted π electron system: To begin with, the structure of the cyclic compound is placed inside a circle with one of …

What is predominance area diagram?

A predominance diagram purports to show the conditions of concentration and pH where a chemical species has the highest concentration in solutions in which there are multiple acid-base equilibria. The lines on a predominance diagram indicate where adjacent species have the same concentration.

Can oxygen be oxidized or reduced?

Oxidation and reduction in terms of oxygen transfer Oxidation is the gain of oxygen. Reduction is the loss of oxygen.

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