What is this word loose?

What is this word loose?

transitive verb. 1a : to let loose (see loose entry 1) : release loosed the dogs on the prowlers. b : to free from restraint. 2 : to make loose : untie loose a knot. 3 : to cast loose : detach loosed the boat from its moorings— George Eliot.

What does loose mean in slang?

If someone describes a person or their behaviour as loose, they disapprove of that person because they think she or he has sexual relationships with too many people.

Which is correct loose or lose?

Generally, Lose is a verb that means “to fail to win, to misplace.” Loose is an adjective that means “not tight.” We’ll explain the grammar more here. It’s very common for someone to use a word incorrectly as there are many words that sound similar but mean very different things.

What does loose mean UK?

adjective. 1Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached. ‘a loose tooth’

What is loose in science?

Not precise or exact; vague; indeterminate; as, a loose style, or way of reasoning. The comparison employed . . . Must be considered rather as a loose analogy than as an exact scientific explanation. ( Whewel) 6.

What is a loose relationship?

adj. 1 free or released from confinement or restraint. 2 not close, compact, or tight in structure or arrangement. 3 not fitted or fitting closely.

How do you use loose in a sentence?

“The door handle is loose.” “The screw became loose.” “She let her hair fall loose down her back.” “The dog broke loose from the yard.”

Which parts of speech is loose?


part of speech: adjective
part of speech: verb
inflections: looses, loosing, loosed
definition 1: to set free; let loose. The children loosed the dog when they got to the park. synonyms: free, release antonyms: confine similar words: emancipate, liberate, untie

What is verb form of loose?

loosed. The Forms of Loose. Conjugate Loose. Loose in Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense. Loose in Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

What is loess and why is it important?

Loess is the parent rock of chernozem and sierozem soil. It is used for making brick (adobe) and cement and as a filler for levees and dams. After wetting, the loess is often compacted under the pressure of its own weight or the weight of structures, and the ground subsides, which can cause severe damage to structures.

How is loess is a soil formed?

Loess is a type of soil that has been formed by continuous deposits of clay and sand which are held together with limestone. Other components of this soil type include feldspar, mica and up to 80% of quartz along with other minerals.

How is loess deposited?

Loess is fine-grained material that has been transported and deposited by the wind. The sediments come from glacial outwash plains , where glaciers deposit fine particles of silt and clay, or from desert areas that have little vegetation to anchor small particles. Prevailing wind patterns blowing across these environments can produce thick deposits…

What are loess deposits?

Loess, an unstratified, geologically recent deposit of silty or loamy material that is usually buff or yellowish brown in colour and is chiefly deposited by the wind. Loess is a sedimentary deposit composed largely of silt-size grains that are loosely cemented by calcium carbonate.

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