What is wash Smart Fisher and Paykel?

What is wash Smart Fisher and Paykel?

This ultra-reliable 8.5kg front loader washing machine from Fisher & Paykel is a smarter way to get on top of your laundry. The Add a Garment function provides greater washing flexibility, as it lets you pause your wash cycle to add or remove an item – a great benefit for busy households.

How many Litres is 5.5 kg washing machine?

LG 5.5kg Top Load Washer with 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty (WELS 3 Star, 80 Litres per wash) | LG New Zealand.

How do you use a Fisher and Paykel WashSmart washing machine?

Using your washer

  1. Press ‘Power’ to activate your WashSmart™ washer.
  2. Select your desired wash cycle by pressing the wash cycle button of your choice (refer to ‘Wash cycles’ section).
  3. Choose your wash options, eg you may want a ‘Warm’ wash temperature and a ‘Slow’ spin speed (refer to the ‘Wash options’ section).

How many watts does a Fisher and Paykel washing machine use?

FISHER AND PAYKEL WASHING MACHINES PRODUCT FACTS A 500 series machine typically uses an average power of 156 watts to wash 5kg of clothes. Over a 41 minute cycle this equates to a total energy usage of 107 watt-hours or 0.107 kwatt-hours.

Do Fisher and Paykel washing machines heat their own water?

If there is no hot water connection the machine will heat the water itself, but there must be a cold water connection to the cold valve.

How do I program my Fisher Paykel washing machine?

To customise a cycle:

  1. Press ‘POWER’ to turn the machine on.
  2. Turn the dial to select the cycle you wish to customise.
  3. Touch and hold any of the wash option buttons for 3 seconds.
  4. Select the wash options you prefer by touching the relevant option button.
  5. Touch to save the selected settings.

Why is my Fisher and Paykel SmartDrive not spinning?

Hot Bowl Flag If the SmartDrive has been filled with the hot water valve utilised (ie. warm or hot fill) and has not had a cold rinse, the electronics will not allow the SmartDrive to spin up to its full speed of 1000 RPM. Page 19 The options that can be adjusted are: Wash Temperature.

What are the specifications of a Fisher and Paykel washing machine?

Page 1 SMARTDRIVE WASHING ® MACHINE 517769 Fisher & Paykel Appliances © 2003 Reprinted July 2004… SPECIFICATIONS Electric Supply Operating Voltage 220/240V AC 50Hz Maximum Current 2.8 amps Wash Motor Electronically commutated direct drive 3 Phase brushless DC Motor.

What to do if your Fisher and Paykel washing machine keeps beeping?

Hi, I have a fisher & Paykel washing machine that keeps beeping. The only way to get rid of it is by hitting start again and then the water fills. It … read more Vocational, Technical or Tra…

When to change water level on smart drive?

Auto Water Fill Level Adjustment (GW only) Phase 3-5 If the user is not satisfied with the level that Smartdrive fills to on auto water level, they can increase or decrease the fill level that auto will select.

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