What political party was created to oppose the expansion of slavery into the new territory?

What political party was created to oppose the expansion of slavery into the new territory?

Chap 15 The Nation Breaking Apart 1846-1861

Fre-Soil Party a political party dedicated to stopping the expansion of slavery
Henry Clay Senator from Kentucky who helped create the Missouri Compromise in 1820 and later crafted a plan to settle the California statehood problem

Who was the greatest winner in the Compromise of 1850?

The greatest political winner in the Compromise of 1850 was the South. The Whig Party disappeared because its northern and southern wings were too deeply split over the Fugitive Slave Law and other sectional issues.

What hotheaded Southern agitators were called who pushed Southern interests and favored secession from the union?

Chapters 18-21

Question Answer
Hotheaded southern agitators who pushed for southern interests and favored secession from the Union Fire-Eaters
The doctrine that the issue of slavery should be decided by the residents of a territory themselves, not by the federal government Popular Sovereignty

What is higher law Apush?

Higher Law. Senator William Seward’s doctrine that slavery should be excluded from the territories as a contrary to a divine moral law standing above even the Constitution.

Was a new political party organized as a protest against the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

The Republican Party was initially organized as a northern protest against Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Act. the people of a territory should determine for themselves whether or not to permit slavery.

What political party was created as a result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

the Republican Party
However, one of the most significant and lasting effects the Kansas-Nebraska Act had on the American political system was the formation of the Republican Party. The Kansas-Nebraska Act directly led to the creation of the Republican Party.

What were the Southern filibuster ventures?

The compromise of 1850 caused the Southern filibuster ventures because southerners felt that they lost ground compared to North, so they wanted more slaves states in the South. The southern plan for a railroad caused The Gadsden purchase was to retrieve this area of land to the railroad was planned to go through.

What caused the panic of 1857 Apush?

Significance: The Panic of 1857 that quickly and suspiciously followed the application of the Tariff caused frustrated northern industrialists to demand a higher duty, a manifestation of the innate desire for increased protection, and creating a new platform for the Republican Party in the election of 1860.

What was the platform of the Liberty Party in 1848?

The Slavery Issue: The Election of 1848. The platform combined Liberty Party pronouncements ( “ No more Slave States and no more slave Territories ”) with popular Democratic planks such as a call for free homesteads. The organizers also unveiled a catchy slogan: “ Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor, Free Men.

How did a third party help to abolish slavery?

How a third party helped to abolish slavery. They understood that organizing a political challenge to slavery might mean temporarily tipping the balance in favor of the “greater evil” against the “lesser evil”–but that retreating in the face of this threat would only perpetuate the pro-slavery duopoly.

Who was elected to Congress during the antislavery movement?

The new antislavery coalition also elected nine congressmen and two U.S. senators, the Ohioan Chase and Sumner of Massachusetts, who would carry the Free Soil message to Washington. No longer would the slavery issue be pushed to the political sidelines.

Who was nominated by the Whigs for antislavery party?

Almost immediately after the Whigs nominated Taylor, disgruntled Conscience Whigs such as Salmon P. Chase and Charles Sumner started talking about forming a new antislavery party with a broader political base than the abolitionist Liberty Party.

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